The 5 reasons to pick Bōde vs. Hybrid agencies

A hybrid real estate brokerage model delivers traditional style services at a lower cost to the seller by providing them with an agent to handle their transaction that is employed with the company rather than working for typical seller commissions. Bōde is the first home transaction platform that completely gives control over to the sellers by enabling capable people to transact their own homes completely self-represented. At Bōde, we fundamentally believe sellers are smart and savvy enough to sell their own homes and with this in mind have created a unique and convenient online home marketplace that benefits users in a variety of ways. At Bōde our selling experience is about more than just cost savings – although you get those too! We charge sellers only 1% up to a ceiling of $10K and only upon successfully selling their own home.

Let’s take a look at how using the Bōde platform benefits sellers:

1. Convenience & control

First, and possibly most important, Bōde believes homeowners are well educated enough to completely control their home transaction process. Unlike other services, Bōde does not assign sellers an agent. While our fantastic support and success teams are extremely knowledgable and there for you when you need it, we hand the reigns over to you and cheer you on from the sidelines. Why should someone else sell your home when you know it better than anyone?


The process is designed completely for seller convenience – saving homeowners valuable time, while also enabling them to maintain equity. We’ve eliminated the need for back and forth conversations with an agent (or many), reducing approximately 22 face-to-face interactions, and enable sellers to make every decision for themselves. 

2. User friendly digital platform

Listing dashboard screenshot

Our platform creates a completely digitalized experience for sellers with our “Seller Portal” and Listings Dashboard.

We have provided a real-time dashboard to provide Account holders:

A comprehensive listings dashboard:

Our newly released feature, the listings dashboard, allows sellers to have even more control and transparency over their listing(s) – all conveniently from one page! The listings dashboard provides sellers updates with current data about your listing. You’ll be able to see how you are comparing to what is considered “average”, see sold and currently listed comparable homes, update your listing, receive helpful tips customized to where you are at in the listing process, and more! 

An online messaging tool:

The messaging tool allows buyers and sellers to connect and communicate back and forth on the Bōde platform. It’s an easy way to get quick answers to any questions you may have. You’ll also receive notifications from our team here regarding the status of your home sale or purchase, such as you’ve received an offer!


Easy management of showings:

It’s easy to schedule or receive showing requests using Bōde. The seller indicates which times and days they would like to make available for booking showings and the buyers simply choose an available time based on that information which will appear on a calendar. Agents can also book using their tool and sellers will be able to accept them via email as well.

How to book a showing: video


A hub for receiving and comparing offers:

Sellers can visit their unique offers page to see current offers on their home, negotiate with the buyer directly from the platform, submit a counter offer, and even accept an offer. This is much less time consuming and easier than going back and forth over phone calls and relaying your message through an agent.

The Bōde platform is also home to the Prō Marketplace. An online place to go when looking for trusted, vetted, and highly referred home service providers in your local area. Transparent pricing and an easy scheduling process makes it the perfect place to find the Prōs you need.

3. Free access to data tools and market information

As a homeowner, it is important to understand the value of your home. Instead of relying on an agent to pull and relay this information to you, Bōde gives buyers and sellers the power to research the market whenever they want, all on their own. With transparent data in your hands, now you are armed with the information you need to make the decisions only you can make. You can use the Bōde data tools to get a sense of supply and demand in your area by seeing how many listings are on the market, how long they’ve been listed, how many have sold recently and how long they took to sell. The best way to most accurately price your home to sell for the highest value is to research what is happening in the market in your area. Bōde provides 3 free data tools to make this easy:

It’s extremely important to start with an accurate list price in order to get the most for your home.

Home value visual representation

4. Attract self-represented buyers

Buyers can browse the Bōde marketplace and make an offer on any home self-represented. This is the only home marketplace where this is the case.This gives sellers a 13x greater chance that, by using Bōde, you will attract a self represented buyer. This means saving on buy-side commissions as well as your typical sellers agent fees. In fact, Bōde sellers save almost 50% in commission fees on average.

With Bōde, sellers have complete control over how much they offer for the buy side commission. They could choose to offer a standard commission to hopefully encourage more agents to show their property, or they could choose to offer a flat rate, no commission, or be willing to negotiate the fee with a potential buy side agent. 

5. Creative marketing

Bōde goes above and beyond with marketing our sellers’ homes. In addition to posting the listing on, our marketplace, Zillow and 100+ other home sites, we also create a digital campaign that runs on Facebook and Instagram for each individual listing. This increases listings views by 300%!

Photos and measurements costs are currently covered fully by Bōde. Though this is common practice for companies, Bōde uses an exceptionally high quality provider to get you the best photos for your listing, and ultimately showcase your home in the best way possible. The photos are also yours to keep. The entire booking process can be done online and makes it quick and simple for sellers to start listing.

The “for sale” signs used by Bōde to display on for sale properties are the most tech advanced in the real estate industry. They are made of sturdy metal, and have a unique QR code that directs potential buyers to an augmented reality listing + a direct link to the property details. Other companies are using the standard cardboard signs which typically show the company details and a phone number for the listing agent.


Overall, Bōde’s marketing approach is designed to get your home seen by as many potential buyers as possible, and create a convenient experience for those buyers to be able to easily discover details about your property.

Need more reasons why you should list your home with Bōde? 

Sell for more, Sell faster, Save more time

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