Benefits of using a home buyer’s checklist

home buyer's checklist

Introducing the Bōde home buyer’s checklist – When you use Bōde to buy a home, we make sure you are armed with all of the information and data you need to purchase the home of your dreams. You will have access to a simplified buying process so that you can make the decisions only the homebuyer can make at the speed you want to make them. When you buy using Bōde – we don’t charge you (or the seller) a cent.

Benefits of using the Bōde
Home Buyer's Checklist

Doing your research

While it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when this phase starts - people often peruse real estate and daydream about their wants and needs (and wants) – committing some time in this getting ready phase will help frame the subsequent activities you complete when shopping for your next home. The home buyer's checklist helps walk you through the best way to utilize digital tools and data to do the necessary research that will prepare you to start your home search.

Starting your search

So you're ready to find your dream home! Bōde's marketplace, filter settings, and saved search features will help you get started - but what else should you consider during your search? The home buyer's checklist will guide you in the right direction so you can be well equipped to find the perfect home for you.

Making an offer

It's time to make an offer and we bet you have a lot of questions. Using the home buyer's checklist will answer these by taking you through the offer process and important things for you to consider. Following a checklist ensures you won't miss any crucial steps!

Closing the sale

From managing conditions to completing purchase contracts and making deposits, the home buyer's checklist has you covered! Each step is explained in detail to make sure YOU are fully in control of the remaining steps in finalizing your home purchase.

Possession Day

YAY! It's almost time to move into your new home. What things should you consider before moving in? Perhaps you want to get the entire home cleaned professionally, or maybe you need to transfer utilities to your new address. Whatever steps you need to take are covered in the home buyer's checklist. Using it will help to keep you on track and make your possession day as stress free as possible - so you can fully enjoy this exciting moment!

Want to Buy or Sell Your Home Without an Agent?

Welcome to Bōde

Bōde has created a marketplace to allow you to get transparent home data,  set your price, and list your home on MLS (and 30+ more sites). We will advertise your home and walk you through the whole sale process for 1%, only when the home sells. 

Looking to buy? Bōde allows users to purchase any home listed on MLS in Alberta – at completely no charge.

With your free Bōde account, you don’t need an agent – you are completely in charge of your home sale or purchase and get to keep more of the money you invested in your home!

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