Bōde Canada’s market data feature helps buyers and sellers negotiate with confidence

Prop tech leader Bōde Canada continues to make online real estate transactions easier for “do it yourself” buyers and sellers by providing users with the most comprehensive set of Market and Sold Data available online today.

The online real estate marketplace, which launched in September, allows buyers and sellers in Alberta to transact real estate without an agent. When buying or selling a home, it’s imperative to have access to the latest prices and trends on properties in a specific area.

The Market Data dashboard helps people understand what’s happening at a community level. The intuitive search feature gives an instant snapshot of how many properties in a specific neighborhood are currently on the market, the average time on the market, average list price, and average price per square foot.

Equally as important is Sold Data – for the first time ever in Alberta, you can easily access a full price history of a specific property; the dashboard shows what sold, when and for how much for the last 10 years. Previously, all of this information was only available to agents.

“We’re freeing up that data so that everyone is on a level playing field,” says Jeff Jackson, Bōde’s VP of Enterprise Sales. “People can be hesitant to negotiate on their own, but when both parties can access the same data through our website, they can begin the negotiating process from a very objective point of view.”

The current Market and Sold Data gives both buyers and sellers a much clearer picture of real estate trends – it helps sellers know the value of their home while helping buyers decide how much to offer on a home.

“We’re not using a crystal ball to tell you what the price of your home should be. We know our buyers and sellers are smart and sophisticated enough to decide on that number together when they have the right information,” says Jackson.

Compiling ten years of real estate data is no small task. “That’s one of the reasons no one else has done it,” says Alan Kelly, Bōde’s Chief Revenue Officer. “We’ve taken data from many different sources and structured it in a way that’s user-friendly and easy to read.”

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and fears of a slow spring real estate market, Bōde continues to see a significant growth of new listings as home builders and sellers look to transact with as little human contact as possible.

“For us, it’s been an unintended benefit for our business. We’re actually busier because we’ve got the answer that lets people transact homes from a distance. Now, with access to our Market and Sold Data, people can negotiate more confidently and come to an agreement faster,” says Kelly.

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