The first AI powered real estate expert

Bōdie was built by your curiosity, your engagement, your passion for modernization of home sales – the first AI assistant for Canadian real estate is here. 

They already know more than any human possibly could and are learning every day.  Got a question about buying & selling a home?  Need information on your local market? Want to know how Bōde works?  Have a conversation with Bōdie.

We’re convinced that Bōdie is the best source for any information about real estate, but if you stump our genius – we want to know.

Bōdie is ready to answer your questions about Real Estate, Bōde and lots more

Try asking Bōdie

  • How are apartment sales in Calgary this month?
  • What are some examples of closing conditions in British Columbia?
  • How do showings work on Bōde?
  • What are typical conditions on a home sale?

Why is Bōdie important?  They represent the next leap forward of the Bōde platform experience with 24/7 access to real estate expertise, instantly, when it suits you. Whether you are tracking home values, shopping for a home or actively selling your property, Bōdie will be there for you. 

To get started, click 

in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen

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