Calgary Real Estate Market – March 2024

Real Estate Market Report | Calgary | March 2024

Things are beginning to heat up in Calgary for what could be a banner year

Home buyers continue to purchase in Calgary – due to the strong economy as well as an increase in migration. The strongest market in Canada continues to see significant demand primarily in apartments in attached homes. 

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With many important factors to consider (what kind of home you have, what community etc.), it’s important to look specifically at what the housing market is doing in your neighbourhood.  

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So what's happening in the Calgary real estate market as of March 2024?

Let’s start with a Macroeconomics view 

To understand what’s happening in the real estate market you have to look at supply and demand.

The best proxies for supply and demand are:


New supply: New Listings (i.e. the number of homes recently listed for sale)

Total supply: Inventory (i.e. the total number of homes listed for sale)


Sales (i.e. the number of homes recently sold)


Supply & Demand

Months of Supply (i.e. the number of months it would take to sell all current inventory at the current rate of sale)


These metrics are the best indicators of the health of the real estate market. Let’s look at what they show us.

Sales activity increased from last month, but and remains up from the 5 year average. With pricing remaining more or less consistent from last month but still at historically high levels. With the BofC holding rates steadily as predicted, buyers are looking optimistic towards the spring market.

Calgary's Detached Homes

The most valuable segment of the housing market remains unseasonably slow, but pricing remains steadily strong above historical levels. The lack of supply available to buyers really making the biggest impact on the market activity.

Calgary's Apartments

Calgary apartments are scorching hot in a market that’s seen significant gains over the last few years.  With very little inventory available, any apartment sales aren’t staying available for long.  We’re tangibly seeing that level of activity where listings are changing hands faster than we’ve grown accustomed to.  If you’ve got an apartment in Calgary, might be the right time to upgrade.

Calgary's Attached Homes

Attached homes are still popular in Calgary with sales up 25% over the last 5 February’s, an increase in new listings as we head into the spring looks positive – but a historical low in inventory will see what does come to market and fetch above average prices.

It’s critical to understand the dynamics in your local property market

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