Could you buy your next home yourself? 

There are 3 different approaches to buying a home;   

  1. Traditionally (getting a Realtor),
  2. Discount brokerages (fixed commissions),
  3. Or, you can sell your home yourself (insert Bōde). 

Of course, the dream is to buy the home of your dreams and pay the lowest price for it.  This would certainly point to buying a home yourself – but is this approach right for you? 


So, are you a good candidate to buy yourself? 


Let’s go through a few questions so you can determine this for yourself!


  1. Do you like looking for homes online? 
    Yes, I am a part of the 90% of Canadians who start their search online.
    No, the first thing I do is reach out to a Realtor.
  2. Do you know what you look for in a home?
    , I know which communities would be ideal for me and what attributes the home should have. 
    No, I would rather a neutral person help me decide what to look for.
  3. Are you able to tour a home yourself?
    , I will take anyone with me that can help me evaluate if the home is right for me.
    No, I would like the guided tour to tell me where the kitchen is and a paper brochure for a keepsake.
  4. Are you able to decide on which home you would like to purchase?
    , I am obviously the best person to decide what home is a good fit for me. Of course, I may lean on “my people” for their thoughts because they are my friend or family.
    No, I would rather someone else make that decision for me.
  5. Are you able to determine an offer price? 
    , as long as I have clear comparable, home sales and market data I can certainly do this. 
    No, this makes me crazy uncomfortable. Please stop talking now. 

Did You Answer “No” To Most Of The Questions?

If you answered “no” it sounds like you are better suited to the traditional model of buying a house! Ask around for a good realtor and  you will do fine!

Did You Answer "YES" To Most Of The Questions?

If you were a resounding YES to most of he questions then it sounds like you are a perfect candidate for buying your home yourself. Let us introduce ourselves, we are Bōde, and we have created an online home marketplace where buyers and sellers connect directly. It has been built with all of the data, information, and tools to go from home search and supports you to possession day. 


Want to learn more about how Bōde simplifies the buying process and saves you a lot of money? 

What Are House Prices Like Right now?

Would you like to do a deep dive into the data to look at the transparent housing trends in the neighbourhoods where you are looking? We have the Advanced Sales Data you need!

Advanced Sales Data

Arm yourself with the key information you need to make the decision on what you can afford. It’s a decision only you can make, but our fresh Alberta market and sold data will give you the confidence to know what is right for you.

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