Do you do your own taxes? Selling your own home is easier!

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Do you do your own taxes online?

It’s that time of year again! Taxes are due soon, and more and more homeowners are utilizing programs like TurboTax to control the entire process themselves, complete their taxes conveniently from their own devices, and save on fees. It’s made easy to do it yourself with programs that walk you through each step of the process and when anything else you need to know is available online. Since you already have everything you need to do your taxes, many people are realizing that they can just do it instead of handing that information over to someone else.

So why is selling your own home any different?

As the homeowner, you know your property better than anyone else. The amazing qualities that will make it shine, maintenance that was completed over the years, and the value you want to get for it. You know your own goals and your own intentions. 

Bōde has created a digital solution that’s even easier to navigate than the programs used for doing your own taxes… Here’s how:

A streamlined online process

From starting your listing to negotiating offers, the entire home transaction process can be done online with Bōde. We’ve made it convenient and simple to sell your own home with all the control and without the costly fees. All the information and tools you need to be successful are available right at your fingertips, and everything else is included in our 1% fee – which only applies when you successfully sell and has a ceiling of $10K!

Access to market data

Homeowners no longer need to rely on agents for market information when they have access to years of transparent home data. With Bōde’s Sold DataMarket Data, and Comparables tools, homeowners have all the information they need to understand what’s happening in their local neighbourhood, confidently set a list price, and expertly negotiate a deal they can be proud of.

Convenient scheduling

Homeowners who use Bōde to sell their properties actually save 60-70% of their time when compared to a traditional real estate transaction. We eliminate all the unnecessary back and forth phone calls, and relaying of information that you already know to your agent so they can tell the buyer, and make it simple. Buyers (or their agents) can schedule viewings directly on Bōde or from based on your selected schedule and all you have to do is accept! They can also message sellers directly so there’s no more need for phone tag!

Digital contracts

Bōde provides buyers and sellers with industry standard contracts that are easy to fill out using our offers tool. The contract populates into DocuSign making the entire signature process completely digital and ridiculously simple. 

An extensive resource centre

You don’t need to be a real estate expert to sell your own home. You just need to be a homeowner. Everything you could ever possibly need to know about the home sale process is available in the Bōde Resource Centre. With a quick search, you can find the answer to any question you may have, the moment that you have it. 

A team of experts to support you

Although we believe homeowners are fully capable of managing their own home transactions from start to finish, we are a team of real humans behind the tech and are there to provide support if it’s needed. With Bōde, you’re never selling your home alone. 

If you’re ready to take control of your home transaction the way you’ve already taken control of your taxes – and save in the process – click Learn More to discover more about getting started listing your home on Bōde

Why sell your own home with Bōde? 

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