Give your home the best chance to sell using Bōde

How Bōde helps put the odds in your favour when selling your home

Homes listed with Bōde are 9% more likely to sell than other homes on the market

Hundreds of homes have transacted using Bōde. The data shows that home sellers who list with Bōde are actually more successful at selling their homes than the rest of the market. 

It may come as a surprise, but only 65% of homes listed on MLS actually sell. Home sellers can rest assured that listing your own home actually increases their likelihood of success. 

As a homeowner, you are more motivated to sell your own home than anyone else. You are already the expert on your home, and you are armed with the same information agents have to determine the price. You know the value of your home and why someone should buy it. Over the years, we have seen many sellers who were hesitant to try the process end up expertly negotiating deals they are excited about. 


Attract more buyers

Bōde lists all homes on our site,, Zillow, and 100+ other listing pages to ensure maximum visibility by buyers. We also launch digital advertising of your home targeting self-represented buyers. This way, Bōde sellers are 13X more likely to sell to a buyer without an agent compared to the market. 

On average, people who sell with Bōde save almost 50% of commissions. They have the opportunity to reduce commissions even further by saving 100% of the buy side commission fee when selling to a Bōde buyer. 


Be in full control of your listing

Now, you are able to be in control and have full transparency on your listing including price, home description, and managing showings. As the homeowner, you know the home best and can highlight all of the amazing features. 


You also have access to up to date data on the Bōde listing dashboard that helps you to make informed decisions about your listing quickly and easily – no more waiting for someone else. In fact, Bōde sellers actually save an estimated 60-70% of their time when compared to homeowners selling a home the traditional way.


We have always believed that empowered homeowners would be successful in selling their own homes – we just didn’t know you would be this much more successful than the market. 


If you are ready to take control over your home transaction and give yourself the best opportunity to successfully sell, sell for more money, and save significantly in traditional fees, create your listing with no risk.


Real examples of Bōde sellers' success

Bōde sellers are very successful,
but you don't have to take our word for it

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