How much does it cost to sell with Bōde?

Bōde’s pricing is simple & transparent

Pay only 1% up to a ceiling of $10K – only when your home sells

With Bōde, you never have to worry about hidden or “extra” fees. We simply charge 1% of the final sale price up to a maximum of $10,000 and only if you successfully sell your own home. The 1% covers everything you’ll need to achieve your selling goals! Here’s what’s included…

What’s included?

Professional photos & measurements

Showcasing your home at its absolute best with professional photos is so important when selling your home. Data shows professional photos help homes sell faster, for more money, and makes them more likely to sell. We work with an outstanding service provider to get stunning photos of your home and make sure your listing stands out to potential buyers. We also cover RMS measurements, which are required as part of the listing process in Alberta. Get started by booking your photos here.

Personalized digital advertising

Every Bōde listing has a personalized paid digital advertising campaign created that is run across social media platforms with the purpose of driving traffic to your listing and attracting high quality buyers. We also post your home on, our home site, and 1000+ other listing sites. Since 90% of buyers find their homes online, we make sure the right buyers will see yours.

Augmented reality signage

The Bōde lawn signage that is included with your listing features the most advanced technology in the real estate industry. Our signs are made of study metal, and have a unique QR code that directs potential buyers to an augmented reality listing + a direct link to the property details. This creates a seamless experience for potential buyers interested in purchasing your home. There is no other real estate company that has signs like ours!

Industry standard contracts

We know that filling out contracts can be the most intimidating part of the home transaction process – so we’ve got those covered too! When you receive an offer on your home, our system will populate an industry standard contract based on your counter or acceptance of the offer. The signing process is also simple as we integrate directly to DocuSign.

All the tools, data, and information needed – all conveniently on our online platform

The Bōde platform has everything sellers need to have a transparent, streamlined, and simple home transaction experience. From checking on listing performance to negotiating offers, everything can be done easily online. 


Sellers can utilize our dashboards that show current listing progress, statistics, and tips so that they can make informed decisions about any changes they may want to make to their listing. They can compare, review, and counter offers from our offers section. They can also research current market conditions using our extensive market datasold data, and comparables tools. And when in doubt, our Seller’s Checklist will help keep you on track and our Resource Centre will answer any questions you may have.


Of course, we understand sometimes you just want to talk to a human, so we also have a team of experts there for you when you need them!

The other benefits of Bōde…

Sell for 1.3% more

Homes listed on Bōde actually sell for 1.3% more than the market average!

Save an average of almost 50% in commissions

Sellers save an average of almost 50% in commission fees when they sell their own home with Bōde.

Attract 13x more self-represented buyers

Bōde listings are 13x more likely to sell to a self-represented buyer when compared to the rest of the market. 

Offset the costs by making more on the sale of your home than you pay in seller fees

When you consider how much you can save by selling with Bōde + how much more you can make on your home sale, you actually offset the small cost of listing with Bōde. Sellers can make money by selling their own home instead of losing thousands in real estate fees.

cost to sell with bode

Why sell your own home with Bōde? 

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