Get ready to sell your house this Spring

sell your house in spring

Thinking this Spring may be a great time to sell your home? We couldn’t agree more! The market is hot for sellers right now and home sales are through the roof. If you’re considering listing in the next few months, it’s a good idea to start preparing your home now. 

Top Tips to Get Ready to Sell Your House in the Spring

1. De-clutter

No matter the time of year, an important task to do before listing your home is to de-clutter the space. Work room by room to organize and tidy. It’s typically a good idea to decide on categories and select which one each item fits in. For example: Trash, Donate, Sell, Keep. This will help you stay on track. A minimalistic approach is often best when selling your home. It allows potential buyers to be able to visualize themselves and their belongings in your home without the distraction of clutter. 

2. Do a Spring clean

It’s almost time to get in that Spring cleaning mode! A clean home is essential for professional real estate photos and during showings. Hiring a professional cleaner to do a deep clean can be a great way to set yourself up for success before listing your home. Find professional cleaners in your local area. If you are going to tackle the job yourself, we have the Top 5 Spring Cleaning Tips shared from a professional home cleaner.

3. Make repairs & improvements

Start preparing to list by fixing minor things around your home. Making small improvements is an easy way to enhance the overall presentation of your property. Damaged elements of your home, such as a cracked light fixture, may lead buyers to think that there are issues with other areas of the home. Put your best foot forward and do the small touch ups needed to make your home shine. If you need some extra help, consider hiring a handyman from the Prō Marketplace.

4. Spruce up outdoor curb appeal

With Spring around the corner, it’s time to start working on your outdoor curb appeal. Spring is an excellent time for gardening and lawn care so as we start to get into warmer weather, keep in mind any small projects you can do that will really help your home look it’s best. Clean up the front and back of your house from the winter season – wipe down siding and windows, re-arrange and wipe down patio furniture, pick up anything left by pets over the Winter, and add a bit of tasteful decor to your front door. A fresh coat of paint on the front door goes a long way too!

5. Start your research

If you know you’ll be listing in the Spring, it’s a good idea to start researching comparable homes that are listed or have sold in your neighbourhood. Keeping up to date with the market can help you determine the best time to list, the ideal list price, and what kinds of offers you should expect. Our free data tools make it easy to keep on top of this. You can also set up a saved search to get daily notifications of new listings that meet your criteria.

6. Schedule professional photos & measurements

When selling your home, professional photos are a must! According to studies, homes with high quality professional photographs may sell up to 32% faster! Bōde invests in ensuring your home attracts the best buyers by covering the cost of professional photos and measurements for people who list with us. You’ll receive high quality images that will highlight the amazing features of your home. 


Even if you are not planning on listing until April or May, it’s a great idea to get started now so you can be prepared and ready to sell your home the moment you are ready! 

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