Listing Service guide


The Bōde Team has carefully created a listing service that is customized for your needs.


Nevertheless, we are constantly seeking to optimize our platform experience based on customer input and product analytics. Please feel free to provide us with feedback that will help inform next iterations.


Here is a quick guide to support you during the listing process.  If you have any questions or issues, reach out to Bodie or send us an email.


Fill out listing information in whatever order you prefer. Skip questions and entire sections if you wish. You will always know how far you’ve progressed by the bar at the top of the page.

Not sure about the answer to particular questions? Simply skip them and come back later. The back arrow located on most pages is for this purpose. Move forward and back as much as you like: your data is saved each step of the way.

When you have supplied all of the mandatory information in a section, you will automatically be taken to the next section and the designated section dot will be filled with a white checkmark.

When you leave the listing flow, your data is automatically saved.

When you access it via the ‘My Listings’ page after that you will be taken to the furthest point you had previously reached.

Select Showing Times & Logistics

MLS regulations stipulate that sellers must make their home available for significant spans of time. 

Failure to adhere to this availability requirement results in fines for Bōde.

Ensure you offer an adequate number of showing hours

As a seller with a listing on MLS, you need to make your property available for a viewing within 24 hours of a request.

Choose how to manage viewings

A variety of options are offered to help you manage viewings. Choose from amongst them or provide custom directions. Remember, you can always make updates.

Choose your preferred showing times and instructions in the “Sale” section.

Tips on Photography

The Bōde team has sold over $800M in property value. As a result, we are experts at getting you the most exposure.

Be tactical about the order of your photos

Our most successful sellers choose an exterior front view of the home to be the cover image, followed by the most compelling rooms and features in priority order.

Adding captions helps provide some context

Our listing feature allows you to write captions for images where you want to highlight specific selling points that might be missed at a glance.

Create a video tour if you're so inclined

Sellers that have filmed themselves giving a tour and describing various aspects of their home have received more traction on their listings.

Upload, re-arrange and download photos in the “Marketing” Section.

How listing submission works

Once you have filled in all the data for your listing the next step is to submit your listing for review by the Bōde team.

Verify the accuracy of your listing

On the preview page, if you see anything that requires correction click on the edit button make changes.

Sign the Listing Agreement

Regulations require Bōde to generate Listing Agreement for each listing. This will be delivered to your inbox via DocuSign.

Experts will review your listing

The Bōde team will review the data for accuracy and suggest any amendments that will improve performance. Once this process is complete (~48 hours), the listing will be live on MLS, the Bōde platform and thousands of other sites.

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