Maximizing savings with peer-to-peer

The greatest savings possible with the modern way of buying and selling real estate

The real estate landscape in Edmonton hasn’t often been known for its stability, and recently it’s described as a “hot” market compared to the measured activity seen historically. However, despite this surge in activity, there are definitely opportunities to maximize savings by taking advantage of the power of the Bōde platform.

Setting the Scene: Edmonton's Current Market Dynamic

With migration trends both nationally and internationally favoring Alberta, Edmonton has emerged as a more accessible option compared to other parts of the country. Beyond affordability in a tightening economy, Edmonton’s appeal extends to its growing infrastructure investments and diversifying economy. Buyers and sellers are increasingly considering the provincial capital a viable choice. Maximizing savings is a priority for participants in this market, and the ability to connect directly enhances these savings.


However, the activity of the market doesn’t mean that opportunities for savings don’t exist. It often comes down to leveraging the right tools and strategies to stand out in a competitive landscape.

The Bōde Difference: Accessing the direct buyer market

Enter Bōde, a revolutionary platform that is reshaping how homes are sold. Combining cutting-edge technology with industry expertise, Bōde offers a streamlined and transparent process that empowers both buyers and sellers.


In the case of the home sale in Alberta, the Bōde platform played a pivotal role in achieving a rapid sale. Here’s how:

Bōde’s advanced marketing capabilities ensure that listings reach the broadest section of the market. By leveraging MLS and syndicating to over 1,000+ websites, Bōde gets in front of as many potential buyers who are actively looking for properties like the one being sold.

In today’s digital age, professional photos are the most important marketing tool at a sellers disposal. Bōde’s partners with professional photographers across the country to ensure high-quality photos and measurements of your home are taken. This not only attracts more interested buyers but also streamlines the viewing process.

Bōde’s transparent offer process eliminates guesswork and ambiguity. Sellers receive real-time updates on offers, and easily review multiple offers. For buyers, they can evaluate counters easily by reviewing the most salient points easily and keep track of listings they’ve submitted offers on.

The Success Story:
Maximizing savings with peer-to-peer

Now, let’s dive into the success story in Edmonton. Garth & Alyssa decided to list their property using the Bōde platform, confident in its ability to streamline the selling process and attract qualified buyers.


They received multiple offers, but one stood out – a Bōde user.


The two parties reached an easy agreement on-platform and both saved thousands.  By selling peer-to-peer, Bōde’s 1% commission fee was the only fee paid between both parties.  Allowing them to keep more equity and come to terms easily amongst themselves.

Garth and Alyssa saved 75% on commission and got 1% over asking price

"We leveraged the data tools help inform our pricing strategy and it aligned with our own feelings. Getting more than our list price in addition to the savings by selling directly to the buyer is a significant reason we'd use Bōde again."

Key Takeaways and Lessons Learned

This success story offers valuable insights for homeowners and industry professionals alike:

Embrace Technology:

In today's real estate landscape, technology is not just an option—it's a necessity. Platforms like Bōde demonstrate how tech innovation can accelerate sales, improve efficiency, and enhance the overall experience for buyers and sellers.

Transparency is Key:

Transparent processes build trust and confidence among all stakeholders. By providing clear insights, data updates, and streamlined communication, platforms like Bōde create a conducive environment for successful transactions.

Widen your scope:

Especially a hot market, maximize your savings potential. By connecting directly with Bōde sellers, both buyers and sellers can benefit and keep the equity in their most valuable investments.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Real Estate Sales

As we look ahead, stories like this one underscore the evolving nature of real estate sales. Capitalizing in a “hot” market is being redefined by technology and innovation. Platforms like Bōde are leading the way in transforming how homes are bought and sold, making the process faster, more transparent, and ultimately more rewarding for everyone involved.


By embracing tech-driven solutions, homeowners can navigate markets with confidence, knowing that the right platform can unlock the speed and efficiency needed to achieve their real estate goals.

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