Move In/Out Clean – Things to Consider Before you DIY

Written by AM Cleaning

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1. Ask yourself – do you enjoy (deep) cleaning? The data shows that well over 50% of homeowners do NOT.

2. Do you have access to all the cleaning supplies you need to tackle any greasy and grimy situation?

Don’t forget to scrub that fridge and oven, dust and wipe all the blinds and ceiling fans. Remove calcium build up on the glass shower door and mildew on your tile.

3. Do you actually have time to clean?

On average, depending on the scope of  work and the condition of the property, it can take a team of two, four to five hours to tackle a standard size home. That’s eight to ten man hours (plus breaks!). Do you have that amount of energy in the midst of moving?

4. Cost/benefit analysis: is this worth your time?

Moving is stressful enough. Sure, it may sound expensive to hire a Prō, but what would you be doing during the time you’d spend cleaning? And, do you know how to clean as effectively and efficiently as a professional cleaning service? These are questions you need to answer for yourself.

5. Will you do the job right?

Depending if you are a tenant or the homeowner selling the home, be honest about your definition of “clean”.

6. How much will it cost?

We use your time wisely. Move in/out cleans are slightly more expensive than regular cleaning due to the complexity and thoroughness of the job.


No clean is the same. Most of our move in/out cleans on average take between 4 and 6 hours, which equates to approximately $440 and $660 +GST. We’ve had a move out clean that costed as little as $325 and another as much as $1,173 (that was a heavy duty one!).


If you wish to set a time cap, we’re happy to do that! For example, some clients prefer to allocate $550 of their budget for their clean and request that we start with the heavy duty items, like appliances, kitchen, bathroom and blinds. Or anything in between!


Others just want to get it done. The length of your appointment truly depends on the condition of the property, as well as the scope of work – we charge per hour and per employee.


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