Summary of Harmonized Alberta Rules for Consumers

In the summer of 2020, nine of the ten real estate boards (Edmonton being the outlier) formed Pillar Nine. Pillar Nine is a single-point property listing database in Alberta. As part of this migration, it was determined that all boards and board members would follow a harmonized set of rules. As part of the terms and conditions of working with Bōde, you agree to the following rules of the MLS® system: 

1. When 24 hours notice is provided, sellers must accommodate viewing requests 

Properties listed on the MLS system shall be available for showings within 24 hours of a request being made to view it. There are exceptions. Commercial properties, properties listed under a judicial sale, and those occupied by a tenant may not be subject to the above rule. 

2. Conditional sales must be reported in a timely manner

If your listing has a conditional sale on it, you must report this to Bōde within 2 business days of the effective date of the status change. If your property is under contract for sale and you do not wish to disclose the fact, you must provide Bōde with written instruction to continue to market the listing as Active. If you decide to mark the sale as ‘pending’, your listing will be pulled from and third-party websites. 


3. Photographs must be specific to the property listed 


If you choose to include photos of community images, Bōde may need to label these so that there is no confusion around property listed for sale and community images/amenties. Images uploaded to the Board’s MLS® system may not contain any persons (to our knowledge, the rule does not exclude photos of dogs). Photos may not be branded with logos or promotional watermarks. 

4. Property Descriptions must be accurate and not promotional 

This section of your listing should be descriptive and only speak about the subject property. You may not include personal information or information that is considered promotional in nature. 

    • No links or URLS. 
    • If your property includes a suite, it must accurately be described as ‘legal’, or ‘illegal’. 
    • An illegal suite may not include terms including but not limited to “cash flow”, “income helper”, or “mortgage helper”. 
    • Seller names are not allowed 
    • Phone numbers are not allowed

5. GST must be included in all MLS-listed property listings

GST must be included in the list price on all MLS® listings for residential property. 

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