The benefits of professional photos when selling your home

Highlight your home features

When selling your home, you want buyers to see the absolute best version of it. Professional photos do just that. Real estate photographers are experts in capturing your home in ways that make it’s amazing features stand out, and diminishes any imperfections. They know how to get the lighting just right, suggest how to arrange or remove personal items to make a room shine, and ultimately produce high quality, beautiful photos that will allow buyers to really picture themselves in your space – and want to book showings.

Sell 35% faster

Another benefit of getting professional real estate photos when selling your home is that homes with professional photos sell 35% faster than those without professional photos. You’ll likely experience more showing requests because buyers can see from your photos whether they are interested in viewing the property in person. It hot markets, buyers know they have to move quickly on homes they like the look of.

Sell for over $10,000 more

Homes with professional photos also sell for more money. In fact, data in recent years showed homes with professional photos sold for up to $11,000 more compared to homes without professional photos.

Be 20% more likely to sell

Finally, real estate data show that homes with professional photos are up to 20% more likely to sell. With around 90% of buyers finding their next home online, professional photos are more important than ever to make a great first impression. The current market is also seeing a significant increase in sight unseen home purchases – where photos are all that buyers see before making an offer.  

Professional photos are included when you list with Bōde!

When you list your own home with Bōde, the fee is just 1% up to a max of $10K – and only when you successfully sell. Professional photos and measurements are included, along with a personalized digital advertising campaign, and all the tools and data you need to meet your selling goals. Your home will also be listed on, and 1000’s of other listing sites, so you’ll have the most exposure to the best buyers for your home. 

Photos from a Bōde listing that sold over list price in just 5 days on market:

Why sell your own home with Bōde? 

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