The changing role of the real estate agent

The digital age has completely changed the role and value of the real estate agent. Below is a list of things that agents used to do for clients. Thanks to technology, there are solutions for many of these tasks that can easily be completed by buyers and sellers themselves. 

Bōde is a completely the modernized real estate marketplace empowering buyers to search for homes, research market data, book showings, make offers, and complete home transactions online – themselves. It allows sellers to create their own listings, accept showings, negotiate and accept offers with full control and transparency. All without the need for an agent. 

While it’s unlikely that real estate agents will become obsolete, more Canadians are comfortable and confident in buying and selling homes online. To date, almost $150 million of real estate has been sold without a listing agent through the Bōde marketplace.

Let’s take a look at the list of tasks buyers and sellers no longer need an agent for:

Buyer agents:

Provide you with information detailing current market conditions

– Bōde’s market reports and Market Data  

Help you with financial information, such as how much house you can afford

– Bōde’s mortgage partner Trilogy

Guide you through the home purchase process, including getting financing and what information you’ll need to provide

– Bōde’s buyer checklist

Research homes for you using tools like MLS 

– Bōde Search and Saved Search 

Open doors for homes best suited to your needs

Negotiation of a home purchase

– Bōde make an offer on any listing on the market

Help you find a lawyer

– Bōde’s Prō Marketplace 

Help you find home service professionals such as home inspector

– Bōde’s Prō Marketplace

Seller agents:

Provide up to date information on the market to determine a reasonable asking price

– Bōde’s Sold Data and Comparables tools 

Develop a marketing plan that could include repair suggestions, open houses, advertising

– Bōde includes professional photos, listing, and advertising 

Provide security for your home when it is being shown to strangers

– Vivint, Thinkpro, Okos 

Negotiate the best price for your home

Bōde sellers sell for 1.3% more than agent represented properties – and you can do this online. 

Monitor the sale process, renegotiate as needed and resolve issues prior to closing

Bōde includes a streamlined and simplified contract and closing process. 

It is also worth mentioning, the above list doesn’t take into account the amount of money buyers and sellers save when they choose not to use a real estate agent. In Alberta, it averages $28,000 and $48,000 in Vancouver. At a time of record high housing prices and rising interest rates, Canadians are looking for a variety of ways to keep real estate costs down.  

It is time for Real Estate to evolve. Bōde, the modern way to buy or sell your home. 

Bōde Sellers are More Successful

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