UCP tax change is short term thinking

What is the bigger picture approach to successful economic diversification?  The UCP tax change is short term thinking. 

by Robert Price, Founder & CEO Bōde 

November 4, 2019

Oil and Gas, Agriculture, Mining, Forestry

Given its size and population, Alberta has to be a competitive national and international export economy to drive long term growth.  We need an entrepreneurial approach to technology that creates operational efficiencies for our large industries while reducing our environmental impact.  Upon proving this provincially, we can take proven methodologies to the global market as stewards of the sustainable approach to industrial activities.

Tech and Sustainable Energy 

From a technology infrastructure perspective, Alberta has inherent advantages over other provinces in Canada- we have the most number of sunny days of any province providing a differentiated canvas for solar farms and greenhouses.  We are low density, as a result establishing new operations outside of the major metro centers is low cost and available.  We have a cool climate for much of the year, providing “built in” air conditioning for high heat generating infrastructure such as data centers and blockchain technology.  Connecting all of these elements together, we have a 15,000 KM fibre network called the Alberta SuperNet, ensuring you are on the global grid irrespective of location in the province.

Each of the above represent opportunities to both grow our exportable economy and attract new out of market entrants.

This can all be accelerated with fundamental changes to tax policy, but it starts with a mentality from our entrepreneurs and established leaders alike that we are competing in a global economy.

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