Why are Bōde sellers more successful?

Sell your own home and outperform the market

Why selling your home with Bōde will make you more successful


Bōde was created to put home buyers and sellers in control of selling one of their most significant assets. We have always believed that sellers would be better at selling their own homes better than anyone else, given they know the property so well and they truly understand its value. We just didn’t know how much better. Now we know and we are thrilled with how much you can outperform the market when you sell your own home.


Hundreds of people have transacted homes using Bōde and on average upon listing, they are 9% more successful than the industry average. 

You simply can't pay someone to care more than you do about your home sale

Many studies have been done on why people sell for more when they sell themselves. 


Ultimately, it comes down to homeowners being more willing to negotiate the few thousand dollars because it is dramatically more money in your pocket than in the realtor’s pocket. 


Now that Bōde arms you with the same or better data than what an agent has and all the tools to ensure you have a streamlined process, what is not to love? 


Time to put that money back where it belongs… in your bank account. 

Real examples of Bōde sellers' success

Don't just take our word for it...

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