Why selling your home for 1% more makes all the difference

Sell your own home and outperform the market

Why selling your home for 1% more makes all the difference 


Bōde was created to put home buyers and sellers in control of selling one of their most significant assets. We have always believed that sellers would be better at selling their own homes better than anyone else, given they know the property so well and they truly understand its value. We just didn’t know how much better. Now we know and we are thrilled with how much you can outperform the market when you sell your own home.


Hundreds of people have transacted homes using Bōde and on average upon listing, they sell their homes for 1.3% more than the industry average. 


Sceptics would say, “1.3% isn’t all that much”, and we are here to show you that actually, it really is! 


Let’s walk through an example: 

You have a detached home listed for $700K it would sell (on average) for $9,100 more than if you use any other model including an agent. But it doesn’t stop there. 


You also save on the transaction fees, 45% of the fees in fact. On a $700K house, our sellers would save an average of $11,250 by using the Bōde marketplace.  Savings are created through a combination of Bōde’s guaranteed savings on the sell side and finding 13X the self represented buyers than the traditional model.  


You might be asking “this all looks great, but I am busy and isn’t it more work?”  Actually, it is less work- we estimate 60-70% less time for a seller given the convenience of an elegant and thoughtful online experience and taking away all the extra steps involved with hiring and working with an additional intermediary.    


So, what does the seller walk away with? The confidence knowing that they sold their own home and can pocket an average of $20,350 more. 


We would consider $20K back in the homeowner’s hands substantial. 


Now, you have the option to reinvest this substantial amount extra in a new home. Of course, you can confidently buy yourself with confidence and save 100% of the buy side commissions using Bōde. 


Let’s say you were planning to upgrade to a $1M home as your next purchase.  By purchasing with Bōde you save all the buy side commissions fees totalling $17,000 (assuming half the 3.4% total typical commission).


In Summary: following listing sell for $9,100 more + save an average of $11,250 commissions + save $17,000 on purchasing your next property = $37,350. 


Believe in yourself – we do!


Start your listing. 


Real examples of Bōde sellers' success

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