Why you need certified RMS measurements for real estate

Thinking of listing your home yourself, with Bōde? Let us know! We’re currently offering to cover the costs of professional photos, measurements and 3D virtual tours to those who list with us. Why do you need professional measurements? The Prōs  from Urban Measure explain. 

With over 15 years experience, Urban Measure has provided insured measurements and floor plans to photography and video to Matterport 3D and virtual staging. They continue to lead the way in real estate service solutions of all types. Their user-friendly process is designed to accommodate all varieties and requirements of real estate properties, with the service needed to back your busy schedule.

Why you need certified RMS measurements for real estate
written by Urban Measure

RMS – standing for Residential Measurement Standard – is the Alberta real estate standard used to ensure accuracy and consistency when measuring a home. These standards are used to warrant that properties have detailed and recorded dimensions that are executed with above-grade quality. Home measurements are not as simple as assessing a property and using a measuring tape or 3D camera to determine the size and dimension of the space. Instead, each RMS service provided must follow a number of principles stipulated by the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA). These policies and standards are set to safeguard buyers, sellers, and others in real estate. Take a look at why certified RMS measurements are important for real estate, and why you need to leave it to the professionals.


When it comes to the housing industry, having measurements done that meet the certified RMS is crucial. Property measurements may be done by the relator/builder or other such video-measuring tools, but there is often too much room for error, leading to more serious consequences. 

Each home measurement needs to be done with the utmost accuracy to make sure that trustworthy and quality measurements are provided. Proper measurements require precision that is calculated to within 2% of the RMS size, as declared on the RECA website. In addition to near-perfect calculations, measurements also need to capture the entirety of the home, including each floor level, as well as taking into consideration walls, bay windows, and other such structures.

By hiring a professional, you will receive a service that is truthful, follows RMS standards, provides required RECA diagrams, and creates a detailed measure report. All of these items are necessary when selling a home and can be attained with a professional measurement company, like Urban Measure.


It may seem as though measurements can be done quickly by anyone with a 3D scanner or tape measure, but the fact is that measurements are much too important to be done incorrectly.

Ensuring that each measurement is as precise as possible is important for realtors, landlords, and other such real estate professionals. These individuals are responsible for providing the correct sizing information and relaying this to buyers – which is often presented in ‘price per square foot’ terms. If measurements are missed, done incorrectly, or there is negligence in this area, the liability will lay upon the realtor/builder/seller for these mistakes. This liability could lead to damage of the brand or business’s reputation, loss of the sale, or even a lawsuit.

When a measuring specialist, such as Urban Measure, is hired, the liability is removed from the realtor/builder/seller, and measurements are carried out by trained professionals, without error. It is advantageous to do these measurements prior to selling a home, to avoid the possibility of a buyer filing a law suit or the risk of loss due to an incorrect sale price.l, follows RMS standards, provides required RECA diagrams, and creates a detailed measure report. All of these items are necessary when selling a home and can be attained with a professional measurement company, like Urban Measure.


Urban Measure has drafted and measured over 40,000 homes and knows the importance of reliable measurements. Using laser-accurate home measurement tools, our highly-trained team will guarantee your satisfaction on all services, or your money back. Home measurement professionals undergo months of training to learn specific measurement techniques, and afterwards are able to verify that every standard has been met. At Urban Measure, we provide the following in our measuring services:

  • Hand-held laser measurements that are accurate to a 10th of an inch
  • Schematic drawing
  • Room dimensions
  • Bathroom piece count
  • Residential-related software input
  • Detailed measurement diagram
  • 3D virtual tour

With Urban Measure you know that you are receiving the most correct measurements and top-end services that will result in a positive home-selling experience. 

At Bōde we want to ensure our home buyers, sellers and owners are equipped with all the information and tools to confidently and successfully buysell and improve their home. We want to make sure you feel supported along your entire journey. For that, we connect you with vetted Prōs to provide value at every step of the home transaction and ownership experience.

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