"Connecting with the buyer on Bōde was the best process."

Selling your home yourself has never been this easy. Just follow step by step instructions to get your listing live. We have this down to a science!

Selling Your Home Should Be This Easy

Bōde Has Modernized Real Estate

A Pleasant Experience

The step by step process makes it convenient, quick, and easy to sell with Bōde. Everything can be done digitally – and even in your pajamas!

Showing Our Home Was So Easy

Potential buyers book viewing times directly with you, the seller. You set your availabilty and they book a time that’s convenient for each of you. Scheduling viewings today should be fast, easy and convenient.


List your home today and get notifications right away when a potential buyer wants to view your home.

Listing A Home In Less Than 30 Minutes?

“Our house was live before we knew it!  The process of listing with Bōde was seamless.”

Listing your home shouldn’t take weeks or even days. Just follow the easy step by step guide. Not sure what to list your house price for? Try using our data tools to see what others are listing for.

With Bōde, you are in total control of what you want to list your house for. 

Listen To Scott Share His Experience

“I don’t think I need a real estate agent to convey my message to the seller, then have that message conveyed back.”


No one knows your house better than you. The features, the benefits, the upgrades, the neighborhood. So you can sell it better than any agent can.

Jeremy Sold His House On Bōde

Jeremy has successfully sold two homes with Bōde! The Bōde business model takes out the middleman and creates a personalized human transaction between buyers and sellers.

A Greater Experience By Far

They sold their home with Bōde and would sell their next home the same way. It would be hard to go back to the old way of selling a home. 

Bōde Top Tip

Get All The Data You Need

It is more important than ever to arm yourself with transparent home data. When you are empowered by the facts (and a streamlined process), you have all the information you need to successfully sell your home. 

Market Data

Now you can simply see the sales and listing trends for homes similar to your own, in your neighbourhood. 

Sold Data

Did a home similar to yours sell down the street? Find out the sale price, the details, and the history on a home-by-home basis. 


You know your home better than anyone. Plug in the details and Bōde returns the data for homes with the same characteristics.

The Best of Both Worlds

Get the data you need to list and sell your home, yourself. It's time.