Bōde for Buyers

When you use Bōde to buy a home, we make sure you are armed with all of the information and data you need to purchase the home of your dreams. You will have access to a simplified buying process so that you can make the decisions only the homebuyer can make. When you buy using Bōde – we don’t charge you (or the seller) a cent. 


For the ultimate buyer experience, buy a home directly from a Bōde seller. 

Buy directly from the seller with Bōde

Welcome to the real estate industry’s first digital marketplace for home buyers! You can browse all the listings on the market in your area, favourite listings, take notes and save searches for your convenience and to keep you organized throughout your buying journey. If you want to be the first to know when a home that is perfect for you hits the market – set up your Saved Search right away by setting your search values and map here.

First steps to take...

1. Browse Current Listings

Now, you are able to book viewings, make offers, and close the deal without a realtor – saving you tens of thousands of dollars in commissions. All of which can be done using the Bōde platform. There is no cost to buy a house with Bōde to you or the seller.  You are fully empowered to buy a home yourself by providing you with the technology, tools, and information needed – for free!

2. Get Verified

We ID verify buyers before they are able to book a showing. To make sure you can book a showing immediately when you see a home you love, we encourage you to verify your ID now. Then you are all set!

3. Apply for a Mortgage Approval

If you are looking for a pre-approved mortgage, Trilogy offers an online tool to apply in moments! Sellers love it when you come with an approved mortgage to purchase! Following a successful offer (or at any point in the buyer journey) Nuera Insurance sources automated and best in class homeowners insurance for you.

Buy your home for free

You are in charge of negotiations

Finally you can take control

Need fast answers to your questions?

Our Resource Centre is full of helpful information, FAQs and step-by-step guides.

Are you more of a video person? Check out our YouTube channel here for how-to videos!

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