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We’re a team of disruptors who’ve finally cracked the code on the antiquated real estate business. Over the years, we’ve watched other industries like banking, travel and insurance become simpler and more cost effective through disruptive technology. Now, it’s time to do the same for buying and selling your home.


Bōde is a radical shift in the way real estate is bought and sold. By bringing together the right technology, resources, community, and listings, our sole purpose is to give you the confidence to buy and sell your own home. We’re here to make sure the entire process happens simply, securely, transparently, and on your schedule. And with the control properly in your hands, we help you retain the valuable equity you’ve worked so hard to build up in your home.

In short, anyone who wants to sell property.  We want to provide the best home selling experience for everyone, whether it’s your home or “a” home, Bōde can help.  We currently operate in AB, BC and ON and growing.  To get started, click here

“The platform was solid because we hadn’t expected such a response from the purchasers. And next thing you know, we were dealing with multiple offers over the list price.”


“One big benefit was there was no pressure to sell lower than asking, which saved us thousands.”


“We sold two homes with Bōde and I still use the data tools to see what the market’s doing around me.  I find that really helpful.”


Hear from our customers

  • 1,000+ transactions on Bōde worth over $515M

  • Bōde’s sold:list price ratio (99.0%) is significantly better than the industry average (97.7%)

  • Homes listed on Bōde are 9% more likely to sell than market average


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De-clutter and De-personalize your home; removing personal effects such as religious sentiments and personal family photos will better allow viewers to see themselves in your home. While you are de-cluttering, you might as well box up anything you don’t need access to – off-season clothes and gear could get packed up and ready for their new home.


Not all mortgages are created the same. Dust off those documents and see if you are able to seamlessly port your mortgage to a new home, if there is a penalty associated with breaking it, and any other terms relevant to the sale of your home. Reviewing these documents will also help to inform just how much equity you have in your home!

Check out Bōde’s Market Data tool to show current and historical transaction trends as well as other critical information on homes in your neighbourhood. You can also review information on similar communities to yours to arm yourself with the most current information available.


Check market data here


Now that you’ve seen the community-level information in your community and similar neighbourhoods, put your finger on the pulse of prospective homebuyers and look at all the recent home transactions with Bōde’s Sold Data tool. Reviewing list price vs. actual sale price, the number of time houses sat on the market, and other key metrics will put you in an optimal position to succeed when listing your home.


See sold data here


Eliminate any remaining blind spots by checking out Bōde’s Comparables data. The tool will assign homes a comparable score to your home and allow you to view all recent transactions specifically tailored to your home. The home’s age, style, list price, sold price, and more relevant data will all be there to support your pricing strategy.


Check your comparables

Have photos and measurements completed


Now is the time to have photos and measurements taken. Professional photos and measurements are included when you list with Bōde. Request an appointment with one of our partners.


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List your home


With the comparables data you’ve reviewed and the Days on Market stats you’ve researched in your community, it is time to decide on a listing price and strategy.  Complete your listing and then review and sign the listing agreement. All title holders will be required to sign the listing agreement. We will review your listing and email you once your listing is on the market! A sign will also be installed at this time.


Start listing

You can edit your listing any time once it is live. Go to “My Listings” in the top menu bar and click on the pencil icon to edit. After you make your changes, click Save and we will migrate those changes to all listing sites.

You’ve probably shopped for a house before, so you know what it’s like to feel welcome in a home that isn’t yours.


Make sure the house is clean, the lights are on, the alarm is off, and the temperature is comfortable. You might consider leaving bottled water, flowers, or other low-touch, high-impact elements to stand out from the rest of the pack.


Make your home approachable regardless of the season – grass mowed in the summer, leaves raked in the fall and walks shovelled in the winter. Follow-up with people after their showing to gather feedback and see if there is any interest. This will inform your go-forward strategy.


Home staging tips

Most agents will choose to book showings using their online booking system and we will add your email address /phone number to it. You will receive the requests through your email and via text. We will send instructions on how to get set up when your listing has been published

You’ve got an advantage most people won’t have when coming to the negotiation table; Bōde x Deeded.  You can have any offer reviewed by a real estate lawyer who’s an expert in offer analysis at no cost. 


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Buyers or agents can make an offer on your listing directly through the Bōde platform. You will receive an email notification and can view the details in your Bōde account. You can accept, reject, or counter the offer online!


Agents may present you with a PDF or physical offer to purchase. Please send a copy to our team, and we will provide a summary of the details and will be available to answer any questions you have! You and the agent can negotiate directly by phone/email or text.

  • Deposits

    Bōde can hold the deposit in our trust account. This would be specified on the contract.

  • Lawyer

    You will need to select a lawyer when conditions have been waived and the sale is firm. You can contact a lawyer earlier in the process if you’d prefer. We recommend working with Deeded.

  • Possession Day

    Bode can provide your documents to the legal team you select and is here for any questions until possession day!

  • Make sure you have received the agreed upon deposit on time.
  • When the buy-side is satisfied that the conditions with the offer have been met, they will remove conditions.  When conditions are removed, the sale is binding.
  • Secure your legal team to assist with the closing phase.  This is a regulatory requirement and we can help connect you to a team that meets your needs.
  • Pack up your home, not forgetting to label and location of each item.
  • Organize your insurance and disconnect your utilities.

Your legal team with help deliver your conveyance package which includes the property title, distribution of the funds and when to release the keys.

Don’t forget small items like garage openers/key fobs, manuals and warranty information and perhaps a note for any nuances for the new owners.  Congratulations!!

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