Cabbagetown, Toronto ON

Victorian-era houses and picturesque streets lined with trees just east of downtown.

Cabbagetown is a neighbourhood in Toronto that’s charming and historic. It’s a community located just east of downtown. Cabbagetown is famous for its stunning Victorian-era houses, picturesque streets lined with trees, diverse community, and vibrant culture. 

Cabbagetown is one of the most coveted neighbourhoods in Toronto, thanks to its prime location, unique character, and affordability. According to bode.ca1, a website that allows homeowners to sell their properties without a REALTOR®, the average sold price of all properties in Cabbagetown-South St. James Town was $1.4 million2. The average sold price of detached houses is $1.8 million2, townhouses have an average sold price of $1.2 million2 and condos are also in demand with an average sold price of $700K2.  

Cabbagetown has some excellent schools that prioritize quality education and a supportive environment. Winchester Public School3 offers English and French immersion programs, with a special focus on arts, music, and technology. Sprucecourt Public School4 also provides English and French immersion programs, along with a wide range of clubs, teams, and extracurricular activities. And if you’re looking for a secondary school, Jarvis Collegiate Institute5 offers various academic, arts, technology, and athletic programs, including the esteemed International Baccalaureate. Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School6 is another great option with regular and extended French programs and an array of clubs and teams.

Cabbagetown is a true haven for food enthusiasts. You’ll find a fantastic array of cuisines and dishes to suit every taste and budget. F’Amelia7 is an elegant Italian restaurant offering authentic dishes such as pizza, pasta, seafood, and meat, accompanied by a delightful selection of wines and cocktails. If you’re a fan of Indian cuisine, Butter Chicken Factory8 is a bright and inviting spot with a buffet of salads, meats, sides, desserts, and a la carte options.

Cabbagetown is not just about homes and restaurants; it’s also a thriving hub for business and innovation. The Cabbagetown Business Improvement Area (BIA)9 represents over 200 businesses along Parliament Street and Carlton Street. The BIA takes charge of organizing events, promotions, and beautification projects to enhance the economic and social vitality of the neighbourhood.

Cabbagetown is a neighbourhood that has it all. Its rich history, vibrant culture, welcoming community, and outstanding offerings make it an incredible place to live, work, or simply explore. Whether you’re captivated by the charming homes, indulging in mouthwatering food, supporting local businesses, or considering the real estate market, Cabbagetown is a gem that shouldn’t be missed. 

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