Create your Prōfile

To get started...

  • Login to your Bōde Prō account
  • Go to “My Portal”
  • Click “Manage my Profile”

Steps for creating a stand out Prōfile

1. Upload your company logo

Uploading your logo is a great way to create brand awareness.

creating profile

2. Add a Prō Overview

This is essentially your business description. Use it to tell your story, highlight your company strengths, and any exclusive deals or promotions. You can also link your website in this section, as well as in the website box.

creating profile

3. Showcase some pictures

Display your work for Bōde users to see. All pictures need to be 1920 by 1080. If you need to resize your images you can always visit, or send them to us to take care of it for you!

creating profile

4. Select Prō Services

When selecting your service category and sub category, you may fall into one or more services and sub categories. For example, you may be a painter who also does minor handyman repairs. If this is the case with your business, make sure to add all relevant categories to get the maximum amount of exposure!

creating profile

5. Send it live!

When you are finished setting up your profile make sure to agree to the terms and agree to publish your page.  That will make your profile public and you’ll be available to accept service requests!

Alan Kelly

Alan Kelly

Need assistance?

If you have questions about setting up your Prōfile – or if you’d like us to take care of it for you – feel free to reach out to Alan, our Prō Partnerships Manager.

As long as you have a website or Facebook page, or are able to send us some information, we are happy to help by filling out your Prōfile on your behalf.


After we complete your Prō Profile, we will send you a link for your review!