Fraserhood, Vancouver BC

A Vancouver Neighbourhood with a Vibrant and Creative Community Spirit

Fraserhood, a neighbourhood in Vancouver, is a vibrant and diverse community that stretches along Fraser Street from East 16th Avenue to East 49th Avenue.

Fraserhood is a desirable neighbourhood known for its affordability, accessibility, and diversity. According to bode.ca1, a website that allows homeowners to sell their properties without a REALTOR®, the average sold price of homes in Fraserhood was $1,311,0902 in May 2023, with detached houses averaging $2,163,0802, townhouses averaging $1,238,2192, and condo apartments averaging $823,0442. The market is expected to remain stable, as the demand for housing continues to be high. Fraserhood is highly regarded by the Fraser Institute for its quality schools, low crime rates, and strong community engagement. 

There are some fantastic options in Fraserhood that cater to different educational needs. Fraser Academy3 is a non-profit organization that specializes in personalized education for students with dyslexia and other language-based learning differences. St. George’s School4 is an independent boarding and day school known for its rigorous academic curriculum and supportive community. For younger students, Charles Dickens Elementary5 offers a strong focus on literacy, arts, and social responsibility, including a French immersion program. And for older students, John Oliver Secondary6 provides a diverse range of programs and courses, from advanced placement to fine arts.

Fraserhood is a foodie’s paradise! One standout restaurant is Masayoshi7, an award-winning sushi spot with a Michelin star. They offer an incredible Omakase experience, showcasing the freshest ingredients and the chef’s creativity. If you’re looking for something vegetable-focused, Folke8 is the place to be. They highlight local farms and serve a variety of small plates for a shared dining experience. And if you’re craving refreshing and healthy beverages, BAMBU9 is a must-visit with their fresh fruit juices, smoothies, and bubble teas. Don’t forget to swing by The Mighty Oak10, a cozy grocery store and coffee shop, for local and organic products and delicious baked goods.

Fraserhood truly has something for everyone. It’s a place where you can find great schools, delicious food, and a vibrant community. It’s a neighbourhood that’s full of life and excitement, with so much to offer!

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