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Bōde simplifies the entire process of selling your home. Let’s start with getting your home ready for your (included) photographs. 

Bōde Is The Modern Way To Sell Your Home

Let's ready your space for photos and viewings

Regardless of what what way you choose to sell your home, you will need to prepare your home for professional photos to draw the largest number of buyers. Getting your home ready is one of the more painful processes of selling your home so we have created tips on where to focus your energy.

Declutter and stage your living room

Living Room

Living rooms are a high impact zone when it comes to attracting home buyers. We are here to simplify things and make it dead-easy to understand you are focused on the highest impact things you can do to ensure you sell your home even more successfully.

Staged Kitchen on Bōde


Kitchens are the home’s money maker when it comes to attracting home buyers. They are one of the more difficult spaces to keep clean and presentable for photos and showings. Would you like us to simplify the high impact things you can do to make sure your amazing kitchen is on parade?


You will be thankful for this paint-by-numbers list of the most important things you can do to get your bedrooms ready for your home sale. You'd be amazed by the transformation of your bedrooms by following these simple steps.

Basement staging


A basement can be a clean slate or beautifully staged - either way, there are a few things you should think about! A cluttered basement can make the space feel smaller and less appealing to potential buyers. Here are some tips for decluttering your basement.

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Now you are ready for your photos

Our customers are excited to find out that selling your home with Bōde actually saves you time and money.  


Bōde empowers you with all the tools and information to sell your home – and we are here for you the whole way!

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