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Bōde outperforms Prelist

How it works


Bōde empowers both buyers and sellers with an entire digital platform to transact real estate – themselves.


Prelist is a mere listing site. Your listing is posted at no charge to you, and Prelist is able to be operational through advertisements on their website. The rest of the process is completely for sale by owner without any additional resources.

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The listing process

Bōde sellers are in full control of their listing, with all the tools provided that you need to be successful. You’ll have access to all the data, tools, and information to make the important decisions only you can make about your home. The entire process is streamlined and simple. Bōde also has an entire resource centre dedicated to ensuring sellers have no questions left unanswered.

With Prelist, sellers also fully control their listing but they do not have a simple online platform to manage the entirety of the home sale. Prelist only posts their listing, the site does not provide assistance with the rest of the home sale process.


The Bōde marketing strategy is completely unique and increases exposure of the listing. Sellers will have their listing posted to Bōde’s home site,, and 1000+ other listing sites. 

Utilizing beautiful professional photographs of your home, which are included with Bōde, our expert ads team also creates a personalized digital campaign for your listing that specifically targets buyers for your home across social media platforms.

With Prelist, any marketing and photography needs to be organized and paid for by the home seller.

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Our Bōde listing signage is included in our 1% fee and features the most advanced technology in the real estate industry. The signs are made of study metal, and have a unique QR code that directs potential buyers to an augmented reality listing + a direct link to the property details. This creates a seamless experience for potential buyers interested in purchasing your home.

Prelist provides the option to purchase signs through their website with a corporate discount. They are not included in listing on their site.

Cost to Sell

Bōde sellers pay only 1% to a max of $10K and only when your home has sold. There are no hidden fees or add-ons; the 1% is all inclusive of everything you’ll need to be successful. We believe that we should only succeed, if our homeowners succeed.

It’s free to list your home on Prelist, however everything you need to be successful costs extra, including signage and marketing. Your home is also not posted on – arguably the most important place your home needs to be in order to get seen by buyers.



Listing Performance with Bōde

When you sell with Bōde you are 9% more likely to sell your home when compared to the rest of the market.


Bōde sellers also sell for 1.3% more compared to the rest of the market. Getting a higher value for their home increases the amount of equity retained.


And you’ll save greatly in commissions. In addition to the traditional listing commissions saved, Bōde sellers are also 13X more likely to sell to a self-represented buyer, meaning 100% of the buy side commission saved. 30% of Bōde listings sell to buyers without agents.

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