Inglewood, Calgary AB

Calgary's oldest and most vibrant neighbourhood.

Inglewood, a neighbourhood in Calgary, is the city’s oldest and boldest neighbourhood, with a rich history and a unique cultural vibe. Whether you’re considering moving here, working here, or just visiting, Inglewood offers a variety of attractions, amenities, and experiences for residents and visitors alike.


Inglewood is a sought-after neighbourhood for buyers. It offers a mix of housing options, from historic homes to modern condos to trendy lofts. The community has a strong sense of character and hosts numerous events and activities throughout the year. According to real estate statistics from bode.ca1a website that allows homeowners to sell their properties without a REALTOR®, the average price of a home in Inglewood is $573,0002, higher than the Calgary average. Condos, on the other hand, have an average price of $375,0002, lower than the Calgary average.


The culinary scene in Inglewood is incredible. With over 30 restaurants to choose from, you’ll never run out of options. Whether you’re craving contemporary American cuisine made with local ingredients at The Nash3 or refined French-inspired dishes at Rouge4, Inglewood has it all. 


Inglewood has a thriving business district. With over 240 businesses, including shops, boutiques, live music venues, and craft breweries, there’s always something happening in Inglewood. It’s also the heart of Calgary’s Music Mile5, hosting live music events and festivals throughout the year. 


When it comes to education, Inglewood has got you covered. There are several schools to choose from, catering to different educational needs. Colonel Walker School6 provides both a regular program and a science alternative program for students in the same grade range. Piitoayis Family School7 focuses on a regular program with an Aboriginal focus. Ramsay School8 offers a regular program and an arts-centered learning program for students up to grade 6.


Inglewood truly has something for everyone. It’s a neighbourhood where history meets innovation, and where you can immerse yourself in culture and nature. The sense of community is strong, and you’ll always find something new and exciting to discover. So, whether you’re looking for education, entertainment, dining, shopping, or simply a place to call home, Inglewood should be on your radar.

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