We bring you motivated buyers, empowered with the tools necessary to purchase your listing

Bōde is a Mere Posting Provider as defined by the Canadian Real Estate Association offering tools and data to our customers to be self-represented.

You will get paid by your seller

Your sellers will continue to pay your commission per the agreement you have signed with them. You will continue to be able to demonstrate your value with your client when buyers come to you via the Bōde website.

Buyers are hot leads for your listing

Buyers can book showings directly with you using the Bōde website. They are under no obligation to Bōde and we don't charge buyers anything. You are welcome meet the buyer for the showing as usual.

Buyers have access to contracts and are easy to work with

When a buyer submits an offer on your listing, this is the initiation of the negotiation process akin to a verbal discussion. Upon agreement of terms, they are populated in the standard AREA contract for signature using DocuSign as usual.

smiling couple in front of Bōde sold home

Bōde looks forward to working with you

As a licensed brokerage, Bōde abides by all the rules and regulations that apply to the real estate industry. We believe in giving homeowners options and understand that our unique model is not for every buyer or seller.  

More questions? We have answers.

We are happy to help you if you have any questions about Bōde. Our broker is available to answer questions about how Bōde works with agents. 

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Bōde's passion for supporting real estate

Bōde’s model unlocks opportunities to participate in the real estate value chain in new ways.  We plan to provide automation of admin and logistics for agents. This will empower agents to offer more strategic value to more clients.  We are currently working with a number of agents in this pursuit, let us know if you would like to participate!

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We have a referral program!

Do you know someone who would be a great fit to buy or sell their home with Bōde? Send us an email below and provide us with their name and email address and we will get you all set up with a referral of 25% of our fee.