The market intel you
need to buy or sell your home - yourself and save!

Bōde’s marketplace gives you all the information and data you need to save thousands — from community sales history, individual home sales and comparable home data — right at your fingertips.

Set your price with confidence, to sell

Bōde empowers you by giving you transparent access to the data you need to to set your list price. Market data, sold data and comparable data at your fingertips. Now you can decide your list price with the data to back it. And, with no agent commissions, you save on the total cost of the transaction. Sellers only pay 1% up to a ceiling of $10K and only when the house is sold. What more do you need to sell your house, yourself?

Make a data-backed offer to buy

Now, you have access to comparable sales data, and community data, you can ensure you are making a data-backed offer. Bōde has an easy to use negotiation tool and auto-populated contracts for a smooth and simple buying experience. You can feel comfortable and confident to take complete control of the home buying process to transact yourself, for free!

Always understand the value of your home

Arm yourself with the market, sold and community data to keep abreast of the value of your most significant asset. We offer the information you need to be smart about the decisions only you can make. Best of all, when you are ready, you can transact your home yourself - on your terms and timelines.

sold data

See how homes are selling in your community

Market Data provides you with the high level data you need to know what’s going on in the real estate market in your community. 


See what’s currently listed and what’s sold as well as key market dynamics and trends.

Dive into the transaction history of individual homes

Bōde has simplified, digitized, and provided access to Sold Data for individual homes. Now that you can access transparent transaction histories for individual homes, you have all the information and data to assess the value of your home. 

sold data over homes
sold versus live listings

Get direct access to comparable homes

This patent-pending tool provides all the data and information, including price, of the most comparable homes, both sold and listed, to yours. The match score can help you evaluate and understand the value of your most significant asset.