Need a real estate lawyer?

The Prō Marketplace is here to help!

Bōde’s Prō Marketplace offers vetted local home Prōs to help you buy, sell and maintain your home. With upfront pricing and an easy service request tool, the Prō Marketplace eliminates endless googling and back and forth admin to get the job done. 

Real Estate Lawyers

Bōde has created a marketplace where homeowners can buy and sell their own homes. We also provide the information you need in order to transact your home. When it is time to make a deal, Bōde provides industry-standard contracts that are auto-populated with the terms and conditions you have agreed upon. You can then "sign" with DocuSign. You will still need a lawyer to officially close the deal. Bōde will provide you with the information you can bring to your lawyer to cross the t's and dot the i's. They also disperse the funds and assist with the land title transfer. To find a pre-vetted real estate lawyer that suits your needs, check out the Prō Marketplace.

What other Prōs are in the Prō Marketplace?

Bōde Prō

Home Renovators

Do you have some changes you would like to make before you get your home on the market?

Or, do you want to make tweaks to a home you just bought?

Have a contractor take a look at projects that are big or small to make your home the perfect fit for you!

Steven, Bōde Prō home inspector

Home Inspectors

A common condition to the purchase or sale of homes is subject to inspection. It is imperative that you use a trustworthy and thorough Home Inspector. These are the true experts who have the tools and technologies to identify if there is something to be worried about in the home. Now, you can rest easy in your home transaction.

Tara - Prō - Architect

Interior Design

Moving into a new home but need a little (or a lot) of advice? Whether you are thinking of repainting, remodelling, or re-building, having an Interior Designer with an expert eye as a partner can take your home to the next level. Check out the Prō Marketplace for Interior Designers for any budget.

Why use the Prō Marketplace?

woman unpacking kitchen
You can buy and sell your own home with Bōde and the Prō Marketplace provides the "black book" of home experts to support you if you need them

Whether you are buying, selling or just maintaining your home, it is important to have Prōs you can trust when you need them. The Prō Marketplace provides vetted and expert local Prōs with upfront pricing. 


All Prōs, No Cons.