Ogden Point, Victoria BC

A deep water port facility in the southwestern corner of the city of Victoria

Ogden Point is a neighbourhood in Victoria, BC. It’s a vibrant and diverse area located in the southwestern corner of the city. One of the main attractions there is the deep water port facility that attracts cruise ships, tourists, and locals alike. The views are absolutely stunning, especially with the historic breakwater.

Ogden Point is one of the most sought-after areas in the city right now. According to bode.ca1, a website that allows homeowners to sell their properties without a REALTOR®, homes in Victoria West are in high demand, and the prices have been on the rise. In June 2023, the average list price for homes was $1,021,000, up by a whopping 8.7%2 from last year. And get this, the average sold price was even higher at $1,015,000, with a 9.2% increase2

The demand for homes in Ogden Point and Victoria West is off the charts. It’s all thanks to the fantastic location near downtown, the beautiful waterfront, and the abundance of amenities. But here’s the catch, the supply is pretty limited. There aren’t as many homes on the market, and new developments are taking a while to be built. So if you’re thinking of buying in this area, you better be prepared to act fast and possibly face some competition with multiple offers. On the flip side, if you’re selling, you’re in luck! The strong market conditions mean you can potentially get top dollar for your home.

So, if you’re considering a move to Ogden Point or anywhere in Victoria West, be ready for some exciting and fast-paced real estate action. It’s a hot market!

Ogden Point has some some excellent options for quality education. James Bay Community School3 is one of them, offering a wide range of educational services for students and the community. Christ Church Cathedral School4 is another great choice, providing a well-rounded education with a focus on academics, athletics, fine arts, and social responsibility. And of course, the Greater Victoria School District5 serves Ogden Point and other areas of Victoria, offering a variety of elementary, middle, and secondary schools.

Now, let’s talk about the fantastic restaurants in Ogden Point. No matter what kind of cuisine you’re in the mood for, you’ll find something to satisfy your taste buds. Red Fish Blue Fish6 is a must-visit, serving up fresh and delicious seafood right on the waterfront. Blue Crab Seafood House7 combines local ingredients with breathtaking views, and Il Covo Trattoria8 offers an authentic Italian dining experience. For those looking for healthier options, Nourish Kitchen & Cafe9 is the place to go with its organic and locally sourced menu.

There are also plenty of businesses in the area catering to different needs. The Pedaler10 is a bike rental and tour company that offers guided bike tours and other fun events. Sports Rent11 is perfect if you’re looking to rent outdoor equipment like skis, bikes, or kayaks. 

Ogden Point is a lively neighbourhood with a rich history, beautiful waterfront views, and a diverse range of amenities. It’s definitely a place where you can find your own niche and feel right at home.

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