It's Time for a Real Estate Industry Update

Old VS New. Now you have everything you need to buy and sell your home with confidence. Bōde is the New State of Real Estate.

Old School vs New School

Bōde Has Modernized Real Estate

The Real Estate Industry Needs An Overhaul

When you are armed with transparent home data, you can always understand the value of your home.

Having an ongoing view of the value of one of your most significant assets has never been more important. 

Trust Data, Not Opinions

When can transparently see what similar homes have sold for, pricing your home at “market value” has never been easier.

When you list your home with Bōde at “market value” you will, on average, make more than if you list with an agent.

Bōde sellers, on average, make 1.3% more on the sale of their home. 

Bus Benches & Billboards Don't Cut It

The new age of marketing a home is hyper-targeted to the buyers most likely to purchase your home. 

When you list with Bōde, we list your home on 1,000s of listing sites including We also invest in paid digital advertising targeting the ultimate buyers for your home. 

Time To Cut Out The Middle Man

Gone are the days when a game of telephone is necessary to schedule an appointment. 


Now, with a couple of clicks buyers can request a viewing within the windows you, the seller, have chosen. 


Easy. Peasy. 

A Lock Box Is So Last Century

Doorbell cams, remote locks, and online security systems. 

The times have changed for home security, so why don’t you use it when you are selling your home? 

Technology Saves You Time & Money

The elements of an offer are pretty standard when it comes to making an offer on a home. 

Now that Bōde has applied technology, you can make an offer and negotiate on a home… all online. By connecting the buyer and seller directly, you get to experience the ultimate home transaction experience. 

Keep More Of Your Own Money

The vast majority of Canadians find the home they ultimately buy, themselves. 


Bōde takes it a step further by connecting buyers and sellers directly. This removes unnecessary middlemen, their motivations, and their fees from your home transaction. 


Bōde sellers save an average of 50% of the commissions when they sell with Bōde. 

It Can't Be That Easy. Can It?

Bōde has made the last steps of the home sale simple and stress-free (except the moving part). 

Closing on a home is made clear so you don’t have to fret about missing something.

Bōde Top Tip

Get All The Data You Need

It is more important than ever to arm yourself with transparent home data. When you are empowered by the facts (and a streamlined process), you have all the information you need to successfully sell your home. 

Market Data

Now you can simply see the sales and listing trends for homes similar to your own, in your neighbourhood. 

Sold Data

Did a home similar to yours sell down the street? Find out the sale price, the details, and the history on a home-by-home basis. 


You know your home better than anyone. Plug in the details and Bōde returns the data for homes with the same characteristics.

The Best of Both Worlds

Get the data you need to list and sell your home, yourself. It's time.