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We often get questions from our sellers on how best to work with licensed real estate agents and have compiled a list of common questions they may ask.

How to communicate with agents​

Be ready for the questions that agents may ask when you are selling your own home

What is Bōde?

Bōde is a licensed real estate brokerage that provides mere listing services to market homes for sale across many listing platforms including Bōde has developed an online marketplace that provides buyers and sellers with all of the tools necessary to buy and sell without agency representation.

Are you offering a commission?

Bōde sellers are welcome to offer a commission to incentivize buyers working with agents to show their homes. The most typical commission offered in Alberta is 3.5% on the first $100,000 and 1.5% on the balance of the final sale price. You are welcome to change this offering at any time by simply editing your listing. Commissions offered are only ever viewable to agents and are not published on public-facing listing platforms. If you’ve chosen to not offer a commission, a buyer’s agent may still be remunerated by their client under the terms of their Buyer Brokerage Agreement.

How do I book a viewing?

Anyone can schedule viewings directly on the Bōde website; self-represented buyers or buyers that are represented by agents. Agents are also welcome to use the ShowingTime software they are most accustomed to using. Finally, if you have elected to publish your phone number on the Bōde listing page, many agents will choose to call or text. You will receive an email when a viewing request comes in from Bōde or ShowingTime which allows you to respond quickly and welcome a new buyer opportunity!

How will I gain access to your home?

Most agents will expect that a lockbox is in place for viewings. That said, you are welcome to conduct viewings in the way you are most comfortable and is most convenient. Privacy during viewings has become the industry norm. Many sellers will install lockboxes, provide remote access through services like Vivint/Nest, or briefly meet the buyers before taking a walk.

How do I make an offer on a Bōde listing?

Bōde has created an online offer flow both for self-represented buyers and for agents. When they use this tool, you will be fully supported on the Bōde platform and the agent will continue to support their buyer. In some instances, agents may insist that the offer comes in the traditional way, emailing a contract. If this is the only way to proceed, please cc to ensure we are in the loop and can support you for the remainder of the process.

What purchase contract is used?

Bōde uses the industry-standard contract provided by the Alberta Real Estate Association. Upon agreement, this contract is digitally created with all of the terms and conditions negotiated between the buyer & seller.

Who holds the deposit?

If you are listed with Bōde and come to a conditional agreement, Bōde can hold the funds in trust on your behalf. If you made an agreement on our site, the banking information will be available as we walk you through the closing process.

If you have accepted an offer off-site (paper or DocuSign) then make sure to reach out to us at to get banking details and we can assist you through closing!

For more information, we have created a page specifically for agents:
You may also send them our way anytime at

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