Sold Data Pages are now available

Now you have access to make even more informed decisions on buying and selling like never before.  With Sold Data Pages, you can view up to 15 years* of history on our platform.  Using this data, you can make a more informed decision rather than relying on someone’s opinion.

* Where available

Bōde Top Tip

Get All The Data You Need

It is more important than ever to arm yourself with transparent home data. When you are empowered by the facts (and a streamlined process), you have all the information you need to successfully sell your home. 

Market Data

Now you can simply see the sales and listing trends for homes similar to your own, in your neighbourhood. 

Sold Data

Did a home similar to yours sell down the street? Find out the sale price, the details, and the history on a home-by-home basis. 


You know your home better than anyone. Plug in the details and Bōde returns the data for homes with the same characteristics.

The Best of Both Worlds

Get the data you need to list and sell your home, yourself. It's time.