South Granville, Vancouver BC

A Vibrant and Upscale Neighbourhood in Vancouver South of the Downtown Core.

South Granville, an incredible neighbourhood in Vancouver, is one that you’ll absolutely love. It’s located south of downtown Vancouver, centred along Granville Street and surrounded by Kitsilano, Fairview, and Shaughnessy.

South Granville is known for its upscale and desirable properties. According to data from bode.ca1, a website that allows homeowners to sell their properties without a REALTOR®, the median home price is $3,450,0002 as of June 2023. You’ll find a range of housing options, from luxury condos and townhouses to detached single-family homes and heritage properties. In the past year, home sales have increased by 12%2, and prices have gone up by 9%2

There are several factors contributing to the high demand and value of South Granville real estate. Its convenient location close to downtown Vancouver, the airport, UBC, and other amenities is a big plus. The neighbourhood offers a vibrant lifestyle with shopping, dining, art, and culture at your doorstep. And of course, the quality of homes in South Granville is top-notch, with high-end finishes, spacious layouts, and beautiful views. Plus, the neighbourhood has a rich history and character with preserved heritage homes and buildings.

South Granville has an amazing culinary scene that caters to all tastes. If you’re into vegetarian cuisine, Heirloom Vegetarian3 is a must-visit spot with fresh and organic dishes. For an authentic French bistro experience, check out Cafe Salade de Fruits4. Beaucoup5 is a fantastic bakery and cafe specializing in artisanal pastries and coffee. Farmer’s Apprentice6 is a contemporary farm-to-table restaurant with organic, seasonal cuisine. And if you’re in the mood for creative Canadian dishes, AnnaLena7 is the place to go.

South Granville is home to some fantastic educational institutions. St. John’s Academy8 is an independent IB school offering programs from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12. They have the Primary Years Programme, Middle Years Programme, and the Diploma Programme. For a public option, Lord Tennyson Elementary School9 offers French immersion and English programs. 

South Granville is also a thriving business hub. You’ll find a mix of local shops and international brands offering a wide range of products and services. If you’re an art enthusiast, South Granville’s Gallery Row is home to many art galleries such as Bau-Xi Gallery10, Douglas Reynolds Gallery11, Ian Tan Gallery12, Petley Jones Gallery13, and Uno Langmann Fine Art Ltd14.

South Granville truly offers an upscale living experience. From excellent schools to a diverse culinary scene, thriving businesses, and high-end real estate, there’s something for everyone. South Granville is a neighbourhood that will exceed your expectations in every way.

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