Selling your Home? ​Have it Staged by a Prō

Bōde is passionate and committed to the success of our sellers – the data shows that staged homes sell faster and for more money!


Enter to win a home staging package by a Prō, valued at $1,500! 

Have 3 rooms of your home staged by Creative Consultant, Candice Remy. 

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Meet the Prō

Candice Remy

Candice is a Creative Consultant offering full service interior design, project management, and creative consulting for residential and commercial clients. With over 13 years experience specializing in residential design, her approach to design is unique in that she doesn’t have a signature style, she’s able to conceptualize spaces in any aesthetic and have built a reputation as a “designer for the people”. 


Some of Candice's Staging Tips

Purge & Paint

Reducing as much clutter and personal items as humanly possible is always step one. If needed, a fresh coat of paint is pure magic when it comes to freshening up a space. It is single handedly the MOST underrated and inexpensive way to transform a space.

Show 'Em What You've Got

Highlighting the square footage of each space throughout a home is really the fundamentals of home staging. The scale and arrangement of furniture pieces and decor for home staging is a whole different ball game than that of interior design. This must be thoughtfully done to showcase the square footage, unique features, and the potential of each room in a home. It has to be love at first sight.

Staging = Sold

Potential buyers have to walk in and immediately think "woah, this home is amazing" They have to connect emotionally to the home and be able to see themselves living in it. Creating furniture and decor arrangements that bring to life the potential of the home is the goal. Not everyone can visualize the most effective way to use a space, which is why staging is so important and has been proven to have a real effect on how long a home is on the market and how much it sells for.

Enter to win a home staging package by a Prō, valued at $1,500!

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