Sterling employees save BIG when they sell their home with Bōde

Sterling employees pay just 1% or $3,450, whichever is less

Sterling sells Homes with Bōde

A Trusted Partner

“Sterling uses Bōde as we believe they’re the most innovative option for listing and selling homes. They go above and beyond with the advertising of your home and making sure you are market competitive. Feel free to ask a Sterling Sales representative about their experience
~ Pam Burns, Director Sales & Marketing, Sterling Homes

A benefit for Sterling employees

Sterling employees save even more when listing with Bōde.
Simply pay the lessor of 1% or $3,450 – and only when you sell. 

90 day listing agreement

If you don't sell your home in 90 days, you can end your listing with no fees and no further commitment.

Pay 1% or $3,450 whichever is less

And, only pay when you sell. A special rate for Sterling employees.

We list your home on MLS

Your home will be on all major listing sites like REALTOR.CA, Zillow and 1,000's more.

You are fully supported

You are the expert on your home and the Bōde Team are experts at helping you sell it.

Beautiful pictures and signage

We make sure your home is presented in the best possible light and gets the attention it deserves.

We invest in digital advertising

Our digital ad experts ensure your home is seen by all potential buyers.

Selling Your Home with Bōde is Easy

Bōde Has Modernized the Selling Experience

Watch Vitalia Describe Her Experience

Bōde’s step-by-step process makes it convenient, quick, and easy to sell with Bōde. Everything can be done digitally – and even in your pajamas!

Jeremy Sold His House On Bōde

Jeremy has successfully sold two homes with Bōde. Bōde creates a personalized human transaction between buyers and sellers.

Bōde Top Tip

Get All The Data You Need

Bōde provides unlimited access to all the sold data, market data, and comparables you need to successfully sell your home. We help guide you to the right list price for your home.

Sold Data

Did a home similar to yours sell down the street?
Look up the sale price, details, and history – any time. 


Start listing with Bōde and our team will send you the most comparable recently sold homes with all the pictures and details.

The Best of Both Worlds

Control every aspect of your listing and sale while fully supported by a team of experts, every step of the way