Bōde supports sustainability

As an organization, we believe in promoting environmentalism and doing our part to action and support sustainable living. Bōde significantly reduces the carbon footprint of the home transaction experience through creating a completely digital and convenient process for homeowners.

Digitizing real estate transactions for customers
and for the environment

Save trees

In Canada, a typical year of traditional real estate transactions uses approximately 66,000,000 pieces of paper! Based on this, Bōde's digital process saves around 7,900 trees per year - a huge impact that can be made by digitizing home transactions.

Reduce C02 footprint

With the fully digital process used by Bōde we can cut down on unnecessary trips to viewings or to gather paperwork and other home transaction activities that no longer need to be done in person. This reduces the carbon footprint of buyers and sellers by approximately 98.2%.

Digital transactions

Simple. Streamlined. Accessible. Our fully digital platform eliminates the complicated process of gathering, printing and delivering documents. Homeowners experience a user friendly transaction, while also helping the environment! It's a win-win for everyone involved - and for everyone's home, the planet!

How much paper does a typical home transaction really use?

Seller paperwork

  • Preliminary Title Report
  • Mandatory Disclosures
  • Pre-Inspection Report
  • Transfer Disclosure Statement
  • Purchase Agreement
  • …and more

Buyer paperwork

  • Assignment of Credit
  • Letters of Guarantee
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Land Titles
  • Real Property Report
  • …and more

Taking both the seller and buyer side necessary paperwork into consideration, the total package of paperwork needed for a home transaction adds up to approximately 120 pages of paper!!

With Bōde, the process can be done almost entirely digitally. All the necessary documents are able to be completed quickly and easily using the Bōde platform, saving time for homeowners and minimizing the impact on the environment.

We believe in a modern and sustainable approach to real estate – empowering homeowners with transparent data, intelligent tools and connecting people directly to transact themselves through our marketplace. 

Not only saving them substantially in commissions, but also eliminating the waste from the traditional way.

Because the planet is also our home! 

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Our Sustainability Partners

TreeEra helps individuals and businesses reduce their carbon footprint and combat the effects of climate change by community-funding the planting of trees.


At Bōde, we know that no matter where you’re moving—unless you work for NASA—your home address will always end “Planet Earth”. And without that larger home, none of our small ones matter. So, rather than just thanking you, we also plant 100 trees in your name when you successfully sell your house. They’ll sequester about 7.5 tons of CO2, offsetting most of your move’s environmental impact—the boxes, the packing tape, even your moving vehicle’s carbon emissions. 


We know Bōde can’t be the future of home buying and selling, without helping sustain that future. So think of it as a housewarming gift for you… that’s also homecooling gift for the planet.

Avalon supports sustainable living by designing and building stylish, functional, affordable and energy-efficient homes. Their Net Zero homes are designed, modelled and built to produce as much energy as they consume annually, and are up to 80% more efficient than a typical new home. 

Avalon is a builder partner with Bōde, listing selected properties on the Bōde Marketplace.

Check out these blogs to learn more about Net Zero homes:

Avalon Master Builder talks Net Zero homes

Other great options for homeowners
to transact more sustainably...

The Buy Nothing Project is an eco-friendly movement conducted through Facebook groups across different communities. Currently there are 6,085 groups and counting as they continue to grow. The group allows members to do one of 4 actions:

  • Give
  • Request
  • Share
  • Give Thanks
The idea is to give and get without a financial exchange and up-cycling materials. “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure”. The project is a great solution to get items needed for your home transaction, or just as a homeowner, in a sustainable way that benefits the community.
the buy nothing project

Frogbox creates an environmental and convenient solution to moving. Instead of using a million cardboard boxes (ok we know that’s an exaggeration but it feels this way when you’re doing it) that will ultimately end up being used once and never again, you can utilize Frogbox for eco-friendly reusable totes that easily store all your household belongings. Frogbox reduces waste during a move by delivering everything you will need, picking it up when you are done with it, and then reusing! 

how FrogBox works graphic