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Control Your Sales Process

Working with Bōde you are the 1st point of contact for all leads generated - meaning growing your sales funnel with no commission impact. You'll see every lead that comes through without fear of interference and get more feedback directly from buyers and realtors, with more direct interactions.

Generate More Buyer Leads

Builders who sell using Bōde are 3X more likely to sell to a self-represented buyer and save the buy side commission fees. An average builder sells 5-10% of their listings to a self-represented buyer, while an average Bōde builder sells 20-30% of their listings to self-represented buyers.

2-3X More Listing Views

Homes listed on Bōde are 9% more likely to sell than market average. We use our omni-channel digital marketing strategy to not only post on, Zillow, and 1000+ other sites, but also digitally advertise your listing directly to self-represented buyers at no cost, nor risk to you.

Reach the modern buyer

92% of Canadian buyers start their search for homes online. Now, self-represented Bōde buyers can go from search, to chat, to schedule a showing, to make an offer and all the way to keys on your property at their convenience without hiring an agent. 

See exactly how your listings are performing

We help you compare the performance of your listings and make data-based decisions to improve your listings. See which of your listings are under/over performing, what listings need work and which are likely to sell soon. 

access home sold data

Access sold data, market data, and comparables

Keep the current market dynamics in mind when pricing your homes. Search by city or community to see what’s happening in your local areas. Get specific with filters on property types and features. View data on recently sold and comparable homes.

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Case Study: Large Production Builder

Started with 7 pilot listings

  • Mix of quick possession homes between $370,000 – $590,000 
  • Listed at the start of COVID outbreak (mid March)
  • They kept a number of similar listings with their existing listing agent for comparison

Generated 3 quick sales

  • Sold 3 properties within the first 40 days
  • Outperformed existing listing agent in terms of:
    • Listing views
    • Showings booked
    • Offers made
    • Homes sold

Added more listings

  • Pilot deemed a full success
  • More listings added
  • Started to add homes at earlier stage of construction
  • Referring their buyers to sell with Bōde

“We see our partnership with Bōde as a competitive advantage”

– Company President

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Alberta Account Executive

Jeremy Smith

VP Builder Sales

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