10 FAQs from home sellers

Are you interested in selling your own home? It is easier than you think with Bōde. View FAQs from home sellers and answers in our comprehensive Resource Centre.

10 frequently asked questions from home sellers

There is no charge to list your homeBōde only charges 1% of the sold price up to a ceiling of $10K if and when you have successfully sold your home. There are no upfront or hidden fees and no nickel and diming along the way…. so no risk! 

Our listing agreement is 90 days and starts when your listing goes live. There is no commitment from you when creating an account or filling out your listing, only when you click ‘Submit’. 


What happens if my home doesn’t sell in 90 days?

Buy-side fees are paid to the buyer’s agent (unless self-represented), typically by the seller. With Bōde, it is up to the seller to decide how much to offer for buy-side commission. This is one of the fields you fill out when you are creating your listing.


Bōde sellers are 13X more likely to sell to a self-represented buyer

In order to list on Bōde and other sites, RMS measurements are required and professional photos are highly recommended. We are currently covering the cost of professional photos and measurements for people who list with Bōde with one of our preferred Prōs. You will be able to simply fill out the booking form when you start the listing process with us.

Book your photos now!

You can simply go to Market Data to understand the current market dynamics. Then, check out Sold Data to see what similar homes have sold for as well as get access to 10-year transaction history. We also have a Comparables tool that gives you a list of similar homes and what they sold for. Now you have access to the transparent data you need to set the list price for your home. We give you the information you need so that you can intelligently make the decisions only you can make.

We have also created the ultimate guide to pricing your home! Check it out here.

When you list your home with us, it gets listed on Realtor.ca, Zillow as well as 100+ other sites. There is a link on the other sites taking people back to your Bōde listing to book a viewing. The two ways you will receive showing requests are by email and through the phone number you have provided on your listing. You will be able to predetermine your showing availability and preferences which are communicated to potential buyers. Essentially, you have full control over how you’d like to conduct your viewings! 

Agents can also book using their tool and you will be able to accept them via email as well.

It is up to you how you would like to handle the showing itself. If you would like to host or simply wait outside or at the coffee shop – whatever you are most comfortable with!

As a Bōde seller, you are empowered to take the reins on your home transactions. You are also empowered to decide how much (or little) support you would like throughout the process. We have experts reachable anytime—by text, chat, email, and yes—even by phone.


We’ve compiled the information you need during each stage of your home sale process, from pre-listing all the way to keys! It’s simple, streamlined, and convenient to sell your own home with Bōde!


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At Bōde, we want to ensure you have the information you need at your fingertips to make the decisions about selling your home.

We have made a one-stop-shop for this transparent data in our Listing Dashboard. Here, you will be able to see key metrics like how many days on market your listing has, how many views, and even how many favorites you’ve gotten. 

When you receive offers through the Bōde platform, you will be able to compare, and accept or counter each offer here.

It is important to note that not all offers are created equal. Make sure you review each of the different conditions so you have a full understanding of what the buyer is offering. If you receive multiple offers, it is a good idea to let the buyers know that you have other offers and set a timeline for them to submit their best offer. It is totally up to you if you would like to share what price would get the deal done. 

It is very important that you do not accept 2 offers! You can accept a back-up offer but must add a seller’s condition of: “The acceptance to this offer is subject to the collapse of the already accepted offer.”

For more information, go to our blog on How to read a purchase agreement in Alberta.

What do I do if I receive an off platform offer?


If you receive an offer off platform, you can encourage the other party to use Bōde as all the functionality is built-in for both parties creating a transparent, organized, and efficient path to selling your home! Agents can easily make offers on Bōde as well – if they have any questions about this, they can reach out to the team at Bōde directly. If the buyer or agent would prefer to email you an offer off-platform, they are able to do so. It would be prudent to read through the agreement in detail and you can reach out to us if you require any support at help@bodecanada.com.

After your home is sold, Bōde can hold deposits in trust. We recommend finding a lawyer as soon as possible and our Prō Marketplace has great options for reputable lawyers in your local area. The team at Bōde will prepare conveyance packages to send to the lawyers. Once conditions (if applicable) are removed, all that’s left will be finalizing the paperwork! When the lawyers receive funds on possession day, they will let you know the keys are releasable. 

Want to Buy or Sell Your Home Without an Agent?

Welcome to Bōde

Bōde has created a marketplace to allow you to get transparent home data,  set your price, and list your home on MLS (and 30+ more sites). We will advertise your home and walk you through the whole sale process for 1% up to a ceiling of $10K, only when the home sells.


Looking to buy? Bōde allows users to purchase any home listed on MLS in Alberta – at completely no charge.


With your free Bōde account, you don’t need an agent – you are completely in charge of your home sale or purchase and get to keep more of the money you invested in your home!

Get started at bode.ca

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