5 reasons Bōde helps sellers be more successful than FSBO

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Bōde gives control to buyers and sellers in a way that no other real estate platform has done before! We love seeing empowered and confident homeowners hop into the driver’s seat and completely takeover the process of selling their own home. Bōde charges sellers a 1% fee up to a ceiling of $10K to utilize our platform – and only once they have successfully sold, with no upfront costs! So what is it about Bōde that gives sellers a better experience than just purchasing their own “for sale” sign and going it alone? 


Here are 5 key reasons why sellers value using Bōde to sell their own home:

1. It’s fast, simple, & easy to sell on your own

If you’re considering going FSBO for the transaction of your most important asset you already believe in yourself to completely take control of the process – and we agree with you! Bōde believes homeowners are fully capable and well educated enough to completely control their home sale process. Bōde provides all the necessary tools, data, information, and digital marketing to give you the best opportunity to be successful. Our process makes the entire transaction quick and easy without all the headaches you may experience if going completely FSBO. Although you have the convenience of selling your own home, you can count on Bōde’s Resource Centre and team for support if you have any questions along the way.

2. Get on realtor.ca + personalized digital marketing

THIS. This is so crucial. Visibility of your home to as many potential buyers as possible can make or break your ability to sell it. As Bōde is a licensed brokerage, not only do we get your list posted to realtor.ca, our marketplace, Zillow and 100+ other home sites, we also create a personalized digital marketing campaign for your listing that runs on social media. The increases listing views by 300%!

If you go completely FSBO, likely you will still have the cost of professional photos if you want your listing to look the most appealing to buyers.  We cover the costs of photos and measurements and provide sellers with the best photos for your listing using one of our best in class Prōs. The entire booking process can be done online and makes it quick and simple for sellers to start listing.

As a FSBO seller, you will likely get your for sale sign from Home Depot or some other retailer in order to let passersby know that your home is on the market. The “for sale” signs used by Bōde to display on properties are the most tech advanced in the real estate industry. They are made of sturdy metal, and have a unique QR code that directs potential buyers to an augmented reality listing + a direct link to the property details. This creates a seamless experience for potential buyers interested in purchasing your home. 

Bōde sold sign

3. Access to a comprehensive digital platform

Listing dashboard screenshot

Our platform creates a completely digitalized experience for sellers with our “Seller Portal” and Listings Dashboard. Bōde totally modernizes FSBO for sellers and creates a more convenient home transaction.

We have provided a real-time dashboard to provide Account holders:

A comprehensive listings dashboard:

Our newly released feature, the listings dashboard, allows sellers to have even more control and transparency over their listing(s) – all conveniently from one page! The listings dashboard provides sellers updates with current data about your listing. You’ll be able to see how you are comparing to what is considered “average”, see sold and currently listed comparable homes, update your listing, receive helpful tips customized to where you are at in the listing process, and more! 

An online messaging tool:

The messaging tool allows buyers and sellers to connect and communicate back and forth on the Bōde platform. It’s an easy way to answer questions buyers may have. In addition to instant email notifications, you’ll also receive updates regarding the status of your home sale or purchase, such as “you’ve received an offer!”


Easy management of showings:

It’s easy to receive showing requests using Bōde. The seller indicates which times and days they would like to make available for booking showings and the buyers simply choose an available time based on that information which will appear on a calendar. Agents can also book using their tool and sellers will be able to accept them via email as well.  The best of both worlds. 

How to book a showing: video


A hub for receiving and comparing offers:

Sellers can visit their unique offers page to see current offers on their home, negotiate with the buyer directly from the platform, submit a counter offer, and accept an offer. This is much more convenient than going back and forth over phone calls and relaying your message through an agent.

The Bōde platform is also home to the Prō Marketplace. An online place to go when looking for trusted, vetted, and highly referred home service providers in your local area. Transparent pricing and an easy scheduling process makes it the perfect place to find the Prōs you need.

4. Free data tools and market information

As a homeowner, it is important to understand the value of your home. With transparent data in your hands, now you are armed with the information you need to make the decisions only you can make. You can use the Bōde data tools to get a sense of supply and demand in your area by seeing how many listings are on the market, how long they’ve been listed, how many have sold recently and how long they took to sell. The best way to most accurately price your home to sell for the highest value is to research what is happening in the market in your area. Bōde provides 3 free data tools to make this easy:

This information is all provided by Bōde for free. It’s extremely important to start with an accurate list price in order to get the most for your home. 

Overpricing leads to underselling

5. Customer success experts to help if/when you need it

While we completely believe sellers are able to handle the entire home transaction process on their own, it’s great to have support from real humans when you need it. Our customer support and success teams are extremely dedicated to making sure you, as a seller, have the best and most successful experience possible. The team is always willing to help so you can be confident that when you sell a home with Bōde you’re never doing it alone.

By utilizing Bōde, your FSBO experience will be more convenient, streamlined, and is more likely to be successful.

Bōde greatly benefits sellers opposed to going completely For Sale By Owner by providing all the data, tools, and information you need to successfully sell your own home. Having access to a comprehensive listing platform to see week by week how your listing is performing, the ability to easily view comparable active and sold listings and, with this, having the insight to make informed changes is invaluable to home sellers. Our team of experts is also there to support and encourage you along the way – with Bōde you’re never truly selling your home alone.

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