5 tips to sell your home faster

When the time comes to sell your home, the goal is typically to sell your home in the least amount of time and for the highest price. With Fall just around the corner, depending on your situation, it could be a great time to sell your home! With Bōde, you are in complete control of the home transaction and can save an estimated *68% of your own time compared to the traditional methods. Homes listed on Bōde are also *9% more likely to sell compared to the market average. As a Bōde seller, you’re already in a great position, but there are things you can do to increase your likelihood to sell your home faster. We have some tips to get you started

Here are 5 tips to sell your home faster:

1. Know your market

When selling your home, understanding what is happening in the market in your local area is crucial. Utilizing Bōde’s Market dataSold data, and Comparables tools will enable you to be fully informed about the current real estate market trends. Having this information will help you set the right price based on comparable sold and currently listed homes in your neighbourhood, and sell your home faster and for the highest value. 

2. Start with the right price

Selling your home quickly often depends on having it listed at the right price. If your home is overpriced, it will likely stay on the market longer. An important consideration when determining the initial list price of your home is that overpricing your home from the get-go typically leads to underselling in the end. This is due to successive price drops which ultimately brings the home under market value by the time it sells. Time on market makes an impact on buyer offers so it is always best to start with the most accurate price possible. 

Overpricing leads to underselling

3. Highlight the best features of your home

A great aspect of Bōde is the ability to create your own listing, including the description. As the homeowner, you know the home better than anyone else and are the best person to showcase all it’s amazing features. Use the ‘owner’s highlight’ and ‘description’ sections to really make your home stand out to potential buyers. Ensuring your home is portrayed in the most positive light can definitely have an impact on how fast it sells.


Highlighting your home’s best features also goes beyond your listing page. Make sure the property is presentable – both inside and out – to make a great impression on homebuyers. When you list with Bōde we are cover the costs of professional photos and measurements.

4. Share your listing

It’s time to ramp up your social media game! Sharing your listing across your network and asking your friends, family, and neighbours to share increases the exposure it gets and the chance that the right buyer(s) will see it. At Bōde, we ensure your listing gets on our home site, realtor.ca, Zillow, and 100+ other listing pages, and we also create a unique digital marketing campaign on social media for your listing. The combination of our marketing efforts, and you sharing to your friends and family (and by extension their friends and family, and so on) can greatly increase your likelihood to sell your home faster. 

Share your home directly from your listing page, or visit our listing social media channels to re-share our post about your home. 

5. Be flexible

Flexibility is key when working with buyers. Luckily, as a self-represented seller you only have to work around your own schedule. Be as flexible as possible with home showing dates and times to accommodate potential buyers. To some degree, consider being flexible with your terms and conditions (such as closing date) during the negotiation process if closing the deal faster is more important to you than those conditions.


There is also sometimes a tendency for sellers to receive an offer very quickly on their home and the speed this happens creates a desire to hold out for something better – because surely if an offer came in this fast a better one will probably come along. While this is entirely your choice, remember that often the first offer is the best offer. If you are priced correctly, an offer within the first few days of listing will likely be reasonably priced and working with those buyers could help you to sell your home faster for the most value.


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