6 Tips on how to get your kitchen ready for your home sale

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Kitchens top the list of where home buyers focus - let's make sure yours stands out!

Kitchens are the home’s money maker when it comes to attracting home buyers. They are one of the more difficult spaces to keep clean and presentable for photos and showings. Would you like us to simplify the high impact things you can do to make sure your amazing kitchen is on parade? Thought so… Read on! 

1. Remove excess items:

Keep only the essentials on the countertops, such as a toaster, coffee maker, and a few small appliances. Remove any excess items that are not being used regularly or you can simply pre-pack. 

Remove dishtowels, rags, and sponges from the sink. 

Avoid overloaded drawers and cupboards – buyers like to see that you and comfortably use the kitchen space. 

2. Organize and tidy:

Organize pots, pans, and other cooking utensils in a way that makes them easy to access and put away. Use storage solutions such as baskets, bins, and organizers to keep things tidy. Or even place in the garage. 

3. Clean and declutter the fridge:

Remove any expired or spoiled food, and organize the remaining items neatly. Wipe down the inside and outside of the fridge to make it look clean and well-maintained.

4. Add a few decorative touches:

A few well-placed accessories such as a vase of flowers or a bowl of fruit can add warmth and personality to the kitchen.


Choose neutral colours for the decor and accessories to create a calm and cohesive look that will appeal to a wide range of buyers.

5. Maximize the space:

Use furniture and decor to create the illusion of more space. For example, you can use mirrors to reflect light and make the kitchen feel bigger, or use area rugs to define separate spaces within the room.

6. Deep clean and keep clean:

Clean the stove, oven, and microwave, as well as the sink, countertops, and backsplash. Wipe down all surfaces and polish any stainless steel appliances.


Regularly dust and sweep to keep the kitchen looking clean and inviting. Avoid leaving dirty dishes or food out in the open during showings.

Now, your kitchen is ready for those amazing photos - buyers will love it!

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