Calgary Business Podcast: Guests Robert Price & Alan Kelly from Bōde

Listen to the great discussion with two of our Founders, Robert Price & Alan Kelly on Calgary Business Podcast hosted by Allen Raymond Wazny. We love how excited he is about what we’re doing at Bōde to modernize the real estate industry and empower consumers. We also love his dedication to profile Calgary’s tech industry and the innovation that’s happening in our city!

Calgary Business Podcast is focused on meeting Calgary business owners, educators, students, influencers, artists, musicians and other business leaders based in Calgary to discuss issues of importance to them.

“The co-founders of Bōde Canada, Robert Price(CEO) and Alan Kelly (Chief Revenue Officer) referred to the “Humble Abode” as being one of the key aspects behind naming their startup. There is nothing humble about the disruption these entrepreneurs, including their fellow co-founder Jeff Jackson, have unleashed on the real estate market. Their customer focused approach has unlocked the door to tremendous potential that exists in the “home sweet home” including using data to allow buyers to fully understand that the “home is where their heart will be” from the very beginning.” – Host Allen Raymond Wazny

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