What does it cost to buy a house in Alberta? 

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In Alberta, the average cost of a home in Calgary is around $600,000 and in Edmonton is around $480,000.

This number takes into account all types of homes; apartments, attached homes, detached homes, etc.

The cost of buying a home is highly variable based on the neighbourhood you purchase in.

Once you decide the type and style of home you would like to buy, in the neighbourhood you desire, getting the market information on home sales in that community will tell you what to expect from a purchase price.

Of course, the main cost of buying a house is the sale price, but there are other costs you should consider before you start your search for your dream abōde.

What are your costs of a transaction?

Inspection – Not required but is usually advisable which can cost $250-$500 depending on the size of the home.

Appraisal – Not always required but could be requested from your mortgage lender. The cost is typically around $250+.

Agents – If you bring a buy-side agent, they will charge the seller for their services. Typically 3.5% on the first 100,000 and 1.5% on the remainder. Of course, if you buy without an agent you should be able to negotiate a better sales price. Did you know, on average, it takes 4 years of mortgage payments to pay off the agent commissions on a home? Yikes!

Lawyer – You will need a lawyer to finalize the deal as well as clear disbursements. This fee can be $1,500 +. Prepare to pay any adjustment costs, such as property tax or pre-paid utilities.

CMHC (mortgage insurance) – Applies if you put less than 20% down on a home. 

GST – This applies if you are purchasing a new home.

First time home buyer – Check out programs both federal and provincial as there are incentives that may apply like RRSP implications.

Moving – the costs of movers are extremely variable from Kijiji (~$500) to professional movers and organizers  (~$2,500+ depending on volume) or all the bells and whistles for $10,000+. Or, pizza and beer if your friends love you!

So... How Do I Find My Dream Home?

Step By Step.

If you don’t have your financial picture in hand, the best first step is to go to a mortgage broker to understand what you can afford.


Then, it is time to start looking at which neighbourhoods match your price point and home attributes

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