Bōde & Deeded Partnership

We’re delighted to share a significant development in our ongoing commitment to leading the modernization of home sales in Canada through the Bōde platform. Today, our dedication to enhancing the home selling experience is elevated further through our partnership with Deeded!

About Deeded

With Deeded, you can swiftly and securely close on homes. Deeded’s simplified, transparent, and cost-effective closing process empowers homebuyers and sellers. Deeded effortlessly connects you with top-tier lawyers and a dedicated team of experts, utilizing cutting-edge technology to ensure a seamless closing experience.

Revolutionizing Home Transactions

Our partnership reinforces Bōde’s end-to-end digital solution for home sellers. With Bōde, the process of researching and listing your home is comparable in ease and convenience to planning a vacation. To further instill confidence and comfort to our homeowners, Bōde has included Deeded’s expertise to give you peace of mind before countering or accepting an offer on your home at no additional cost.  

You get the expertise you need from Bōde or Deeded


Answers your questions

  • How Bōde works?
  • Market-related questions?
  • Regulatory questions?


Reviews Offers

  • Review terms & conditions?
  • Expert analysis of an offer?
  • Legal support?

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