5 Reasons to Consider a Net Zero Home

At Bōde we are proud to support sustainable, environmentally friendly, and innovative home options. That’s why we are thrilled to be in partnership with the team at Avalon Master Builders, who now have Net Zero and Net Zero Ready Townhomes listed with Bōde. These unique properties provide many benefits for homeowners and advance the use of renewable energy. To schedule a viewing, or make an offer, simply create a Bōde account to get started. 

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What is a Net Zero Home?

Net Zero homes are energy-efficient properties that produce the same amount of energy that they use each year. They incorporate the use of energy saving products and features to create a comfortable, affordable, and environmentally friendly abōde. Avalon Master Builders offers both Net Zero and Net Zero Ready homes for purchase. Net Zero Ready homes have all the same features as a Net Zero home, without solar panels. 


Why should you consider buying a Net Zero Home?


1. Up to 80% more energy-efficient than a traditional new home

Net Zero homes are designed, modelled, and built to consume less energy annually than traditional new homes. Typically, this means using up to 80% less energy each year when living in a Net Zero unit. It’s great for the environment, and your energy bill!


2. Creates an exceptional living experience

Imagine living in a home that could allow you to be toasty warm inside, while it’s -30 degrees outside – all while using minimal energy! Net Zero homeowners experience a comfortable living environment in a healthier, safer, and more durable home. Net Zero homes last 5X longer than the typical build out, and utilize the newest technologies to create the most efficient features.


3. Provides a complete package of energy-efficient, modern, and long-lasting products

All new Net Zero homes from Avalon Master Builders include these amazing energy saving products and features to keep your energy use low, without sacrificing a comfortable and enjoyable home environment. 

  • A Fresh Air System
  • Air-Source Heat Pump
  • Drain Water Heat Recovery Unit
  • Double-Coated Triple-Pane Windows
  • Solar Panels *Not applicable for Net Zero Ready Homes.
  • Energy-Efficient Appliances
  • Superior Heating and Cooling
  • Super Insulated & Airtight Envelope
        and much much more!


4. Net Zero for Zero Dollars…Plus be protected from energy price increases

When you consider the savings in energy consumption, the cost per month of a Net Zero property is no more than a standard townhome. There’s no need to worry about changes in energy prices when your home is using high efficiency products that do not rely on traditional energy sources.


5. Become eligible for a CMHC rebate

You can save even more when purchasing a Net Zero property by utilizing the premium refund offered by the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC). This premium provides savings of up to 25% off the Mortgage Loan Insurance Premium. 


 Interested in viewing the Net Zero homes listed on Bōde? Visit our Find a Home page. 

Avalon Net Zero home kitchen
ZEN Sequel - 20575 Seton Way SE Seton, Calgary, AB T3M 3H1

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