8 ways to get your home ready for professional photos!


What should you take care of before the photographer arrives?

1. Prepare the Kitchen

In a recent poll we conducted, 80% of people said that they would be most interested in seeing the kitchen when viewing a home.

  • Clear away dish racks, cutting boards, tea towels, hand and dish soap bottles, cleaning products, mops, brooms and garbage cans
  • Adding some small decorations on the island or kitchen table is ok, such as a bowl of fresh fruit or a vase of flowers
  • Avoid putting items on the windowsill
  • Wipe down countertops and appliances
  • Clear appliance surfaces of magnets and other items

2. Get rid of the clutter

  • Try to move any exposed cords out of site
  • Clean up and store away any toys left by kids
  • Tuck away any tv remotes or electronics
  • Put jackets and shoes away in the closet. When buyers see shoes and jackets on coat racks and entryway floors, they subconsciously assume that the home lacks storage space
  • Remove personal photos and belongings where possible to allow potential buyers to envision themselves in your space
  • Clear off nightstands

3. Open up and prep your space

Remember – open space is a great thing and makes your home appear larger. Remove any unnecessary furniture and decor that may take away from the space

  • Turn all electronics (TVs, Computers, Ceiling fans) off

    • Remove floor mats and runners: Floor mats and runners are great at protecting your floors, but they can make the overall floor space look smaller, making the room look smaller
    • Coffee tables and dinning tables should be cleaned off, wiped down and adding a nice centre piece if often a great touch
    • If you have any bookshelves, take out half of the books and arrange the remaining books in a nice pattern. Keep the nicer, hardback books on the shelf, and clear out the ratty, old books

    4. Let the light in

    Light helps to showcase fixtures, achieve brighter photos, and creates a more welcoming appearance.

    • Open curtains and blinds
    • Turn on lights and replace any burned out bulbs
    • Ideally, try and ensure all the bulbs are the same tone (cool or warm)

    5. Make sure it is clean!

    • Make all beds and use decorative pillows to enhance the decor
    • Pick up clothes, store away laundry
    • Vacuum & mop floors
    • Dust!
    • Remove pet items such as litter boxes, beds, and/or food bowls from view – although pets are loved by many, some buyers may be deterred by seeing pet items so best to put them out of sight
    • If you feel like you could benefit from bringing in a professional, hire a home cleaning Prō here

    6. Tidy the yard and any decks

    First impressions are so important. The first picture that people will see of your home will be the outside front yard shot – make sure its set up to be perfect!

    • Mow the lawn
    • Rake up any leaves
    • Pick up after pets
    • Sweep deck, wipe down visible siding & windows
    • Hide outdoor garbage cans and lawn equipment

    7. Move cars from road and driveway

    • This is something many home sellers do not think about. When possible, try to make sure there are no vehicles blocking the home or that will appear in photos as it can take away from the overall look of the shot and curb appeal.

    8. Stage your outdoor decor

    • Remove covers on fireplaces, furniture and BBQs
    • Open umbrellas
    • Wipe down furniture, fluff pillows
    • If possible, stage with flowers and tasteful/neutral decorative items to create a relaxing space that invites homebuyers in. Creating an inviting entrance conveys pride-of-ownership to homebuyers

    Ready for your photos? Book professional photographs and measurements with one of the Bōde Prōs. If you are a Bōde seller, we are currently covering the cost of this service.

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